Best Tearlament Deck in YuGiOh Master Duel

Exosisters unite!

by Christian Bognar
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Image: Konami

When playing Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel, you will want the best cards in your deck. Specifically for the Tearlaments deck, there are many options with endless combinations to make your deck outshine the competition. Making decisions and building a top-notch deck is hard, so we are here to help. This deck we will review—”Exosister Deck”— is what we believe to be the best deck currently in the mobile game. Read on to figure out all cards included and what makes them stand out.

Top Tearlament Deck to Use in YuGiOh Master Duel

Just as the name suggests, this deck focuses on the Exosisters cards, perfect for creating a solid presence on the battlefield and using their ability to Xyz summon when the opponent even touches cards from their graveyard. Since grabbing from the graveyard is normal in Master Duel, the Exosisters continue to grow strong during the duel.

The cards shown below should all be in your deck to reach its full potential, but since there are 40 cards required to complete a deck—you can have multiple of the same cards to increase the overall strength of the deck even further.

Main Deck Monsters

Image: Konami and Attack of the Fanboy

While generally low in stats, the main deck monsters become stronger when other Exosisters monsters are on the field—making them a great combination. For example, if there are two Exosisters in the area, then both will be stronger than if they were alone. The strength goes even higher if there are three Exosisters on the field. Below are all the abilities associated with each Exosister in the deck—each designed to help bring their fellow Exosisters out of your hand to increase strength.

Also, while the Exosister monsters are the main cards here, additional monsters are in this deck to help support them.

  • Exosister Elis – Can be special summoned from hand.
  • Exosister Stella – Can special summon another Exosister monster from the hand.
  • Exosister Irene – Can provide a free draw.
  • Exosister Sophia – Can provide a free draw.
  • Exosister Martha – Start the turn with an Xyz summon play.
  • Maxx “C” – Draw a card for each monster of your opponent’s special summons.
  • Ash Blossom and Joyous Spring – Negates quick effects made by the opponent, such as—drawing one card, sending a card to the graveyard, and special summon.
  • Zora, the Magistus of Flame – Can special summon level 4 spellcasters from the graveyard.

As well as the effects mentioned above, all the Exosisters can Xyz summon if the opponent moves any card from the graveyard—as previously mentioned. And this can be anything, for example, special summoning a card from the graveyard.

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Spells and Trap Cards

Image: Konami and Attack of the Fanboy

What makes this deck shine is the use of its trap and spell cards—essentially acting as supports for the Exosisters. They are designed to help get Exosisters into your hand quickly and onto the field so that each Exosister can be at its highest strength. Below is the list of all the spell and trap cards included in this deck, with a brief description of their effects.

  • Exosister Pax – adds an Exosister card from the deck to the hand.
  • Exosister Vadis – Special summons multiple Exosister monsters.
  • Exosister Returnia – Banishes a card from the opponent’s graveyard and immediately provides a free Xyz summon.
  • Called by the Grave – Move cards from your opponent’s graveyard—making your Exosisters stronger.
  • Triple Tactics Talents – Negates hand traps.
  • Dark Ruler No More – Negates all opponents monster effects, causing them not to do any significant damage for the turn.
  • Evenly Matched – Clears out the opponent’s entire field and banishes cards that are faced down.
  • Infinite Impermanence – Helps deal with monster effects that trigger on the field.

As you can see, the spell and trap cards are built to give you an advantage over your opponent quickly while increasing your Exosister cards’ power. Using these cards in the proper order will have you with all your Exosister monster cards on the field—and since they get more robust with each fellow Exosister card on the field, you will be dominating in no time.

- This article was updated on April 12th, 2023

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