Best VEL 46 MP7 Build in Modern Warfare 2: Attachments, Loadout, and Class Setup

Start climbing the leaderboards with our VEL 46 build

by Carlos Hurtado


Modern Warfare 2 offers a lot of options when it comes to weaponry, and many players are already looking for the best setups and attachments to use. So if you are looking for the best VEL 46 MP7 build, make sure you stick to the end of the article and start improving your K/D.

Best VEL 46 MP7 Build in Modern Warfare 2: Attachments, Loadout, and Class Setup

The VEL 46 or MP7 for Modern Warfare (2019) and Warzone veterans is one of the first SMGs players can unlock when they start their multiplayer careers in Modern Warfare 2, but this does not mean the weapon is not capable of excelling in every match. We will show you the best VEL 46 build you can get, so prepare to equip the following attachments.

Muzzle: Singuard MKV


Magazine: 50-Round Mag

Stock: VEL A-568 Collapse

Laser: Hipshot L20

For the barrel, players will have to go with the SCHLAGER RV-B barrel. This barrel improves the weapon’s recoil control, damage range, bullet velocity, and even hip fire accuracy at the expense of aim down sight speed, hip fire recoil control, and movement speed.

When it comes to muzzle, players should equip the Singuard MKV suppressor. This will further improve the SMG’s bullet velocity, damage range, recoil control, and even sound suppression at the expense of stability, aiming down sight, and walking speed.

For Magazines, we went for the 50-Round Mag. This magazine will give players plenty of ammo to deal with many opponents. Running out of ammo in the middle of a gunfight is something very common in First-Person Shooters, so having a few extra bullets at hand will help you improve your K/D even more.

For the Stock attachment, players must use the VEL A-568 Collapse stock. This stock will improve the VEL 46’s movement, aim down sight, and sprint to fire speed, at the expense of recoil control, flinch resistance, and aim stability.

To finish our build, players should use the Hipshot L20 laser. This laser option will help the weapon’s hip-fire accuracy and recoil control. Helping players when they deal with enemies at close quarters.

This build focuses on improving the weapon’s damage range, recoil control, and movement while avoiding as many penalties as possible.

This weapon benefits from close-quarter engagements, so facing enemies at longer ranges will not end well for the user. For Lethal, and Tactical equipment, players should use the Flash and Frag grenade combo. These two will give players a way to defeat incoming threads and hard-to-get players.

Your VEL 46 Build should look like this after you follow our guide.



For perks, players will have to equip Double Time and Scavenger. These perks will allow them to sprint for more time and pick up ammo from fallen enemies. Some Modern Warfare 2 maps have large open areas, so players may find themselves crossing through open areas so Double Time will be of great use.

For the Bonus and Ultimate perk, players must equip Fast Hands and High Alert. The former lets players equip, reload and swap weapons faster, while the latter gives players a directional queue on screen when enemy players are aiming toward them.

Field Upgrades

For Field Upgrades, players should go with Battle Rage or Dead Silence. Both Field Upgrades give players a lot of value, so do not hesitate when picking any of them.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will release on October 28 on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation consoles. For more information about the game, go to the official Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Twitter account.

- This article was updated on October 30th, 2022

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