Best Ways to Farm Legendary Shards in Destiny 2 (Season 21)

Time to get farming Legendary Shards fast in Destiny 2.

by Gordon Bicker
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Destiny 2 has a variety of resources to gather and one of the most important is Legendary Shards, so gaining a lot of them fast is always beneficial. Of course, I know that the process can be quite time-consuming if you don’t have some farming methods. This article will take you through all of the best ways to farm Legendary Shards in Destiny 2.

Fastest and Quickest Ways to Farm Legendary Shards in Destiny 2

Legendary Shards will be most commonly earned via dismantling Legendary (and exotic) gear. For each Legendary you dismantle you will get a total of three Legendary Shards. However, any exotics that you dismantle will yield five Legendary Shards. It should be noted that with a “Legendary Shard Dismantle Bonus”, you can get an extra one Legendary Shard on top of those values but you will need to acquire the bonus from ranking up in the Season Pass anytime it is on the track.

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Keep in mind the total shards that you will receive when utilizing the methods I have written below. For each Legendary you find, that will be (usually) three Legendary shards in total.

Dares of Eternity

Dares of Eternity is still one of the best ways to gain a lot of Legendary Shards in a quicker way than is the standard. Every Dares of Eternity you will earn at least one legendary weapon or armor so right away you can dismantle that and gain some Legendary Shards.

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I would recommend playing Dares of Eternity if you’re looking for a lot of Shards in a shorter space of time. If you are with a solid team of Guardians, Dares of Eternity can sometimes take less than ten minutes to complete.

Strike Farming — Lake of Shadows

if you would prefer another less intense PVE activity, farming Strikes such as Lake of Shadows can still be a beneficial way of getting some Legendaries to dismantle. Lake of Shadows is one of the quickest Strikes in the game so it won’t eat up too much of your time when on the hunt for Legendary Shards. It is great to add to your list of daily Shard hunting tasks.

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Good Old Vault Clearing

A simpler “farming” method for Legendary Shards can surprisingly take place in your vault, if you are someone who tends to throw away unused weapons and armor into the vault (like me) then you will probably find many Legendaries in there. The great thing is, you can simply retrieve them and then dismantle them for some more Legendary Shards — the value can add up quickly.

Ghost Mods — Prosperity

You will also find use in combining the Strike method with equipping the Prosperity Ghost mod since it can reward an additional Legendary drop. Ghost mods are sometimes overlooked by players but Prosperity (three ghost energy for the mod especially) is essential if you want extra Legendaries in Strikes and/or Nightfall runs.

There are unfortunately no specific stats of what percentage the extra drop rate is for a Legendary with Prosperity but as it states in the description — there is an increased chance.

What Are Legendary Shards Used For in Destiny 2?

Most people will use Legendary Shards in vast quantities for infusing weapons and armor, this is because in order to increase your power level you will likely infuse your less than ideal high power gear into your preferred gear. Legendary Shards are also used as a form of currency for vendors such as Xur when he arrives.

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Legendary gear can also be Masterworked (for stat boosts and trait changes) by the use of Legendary Shards, so their usage is truly impressive. I recommend utilizing all of the farming methods listed in the article just so you can gather a lot of these shards much quicker than usual — who doesn’t love some enjoyable Destiny 2 farming?

- This article was updated on July 14th, 2023

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