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Is the game finished yet?

by J.T. Isenhour

Destiny 2 is a six-year-old game but it doesn’t feel like it is. The reason that Destiny 2 has managed to last as long as it had is due to the expansions of content that it constantly releases on a yearly basis. This helps with keeping the game fresh and expanding the story beyond what was offered in the base game. Let’s go over all of the DLCs that Destiny 2 has to make sure you are up to date for the release of Lightfall.

All DLC Expansions in Destiny 2

Despite only entering its sixth year of being released, Destiny 2 has seven expansions. This is because the first DLC for Destiny 2 was released the same year the game came out. This list is also takes into account the newest expansion, Lightfall, which hasn’t released yet.

The Curse of Osiris

This was the first expansion release for Destiny 2 and was included with the Expansion pass, which makes it half of the year-one expansion for the game. This expansion was released in December 2017 which is the same year that Destiny 2 launched, so the game was still quite fresh for everyone. This is sadly no longer available to experience in Destiny 2 today.

The Warmind

In the second half of the Expansion pass for Destiny 2, The Warmind completes the year one expansion of the game. It was released in May 2018 and is sadly no longer available to purchase or play. This content along with the whole base game of Destiny 2 was vaulted for one reason or another.

Luckily the current Season of the Seraph seems to pay a nice homage to this expansion by offering a similar but more advanced dive into the story.


Many Destiny 2 players will remember this as the big turning point for DLC in the game. This was the first bit of content that you needed to purchase after you bought the base game and set the stage for what players should expect from Destiny 2 in the future. This was released in September 2018.

This also saw the addition of the Seasons system. Since there were going to be bigger gaps between full expansions, the game was going to be drip-fed content through seasonal content drops. This change of pace has always been a contention point for a lot of players, but it had helped keep the game alive. Sadly this content was also vaulted and is no longer fully available in the game.


The third year for Destiny 2 is considered to be the worst year by many. Be it because Shadowkeep was a poorly received expansion or that the game was getting too stale in a lot of ways. This expansion seemed like the end of Destiny 2 for many.

This expansion came out in October 2019 and really let down a lot of players for the time they had to wait for it. This also coincided with the reworking of Destiny 2 to allow the New Light system to come into the game. Destiny 2 was made free to play and had everything up to Shadowkeep made irrelevant for players, Which rubbed a lot of them the wrong way.

Beyond Light

By a miracle, Destiny 2 survived and made it to year four to release the next expansion. Beyond Light was quite the expansion for the game. A whole new subclass for each class was added, allowing players to harness the power of the darkness in order to prepare themselves for the upcoming battle.

This new system used for the Stasis element would be carried over to the regular elements to allow for more build variety. While it may have taken until November 2020 to fix the mistakes of Shadowkeep with Beyond Light, the wait was worth it.

The Witch Queen

The current Destiny 2 expansion, which is drawing to a close is the Witch Queen. This was released in February of 2022 which is the longest time Destiny 2 has gone without an expansion. However, it did a great job of bringing players back into the game as this expansion saw the addition of a new weapon type and the subclass reworks.

The glaive weapon type still hasn’t found a place in the game, but the new subclass system is working wonderfully. Now players have more build options for all the light subclasses and can really play around in the sandbox.


Finally, we have the unreleased Lightfall. It is set to come out in February 2023, but there is no telling if it will get delayed. The expansion is supposed to take players to a whole new area and introduce a whole new darkness subclass element called the Strand.

Sadly we won’t have any new weapon types being added to the game this time around, but we do have a lot of promises to shake up the sandbox meta that has been firmly in place since Beyond Light’s release. We can’t tell what Lightfall will do for the game, we can only hope that it will further improve a lot of problems players have with the game at the moment and help keep Destiny 2 alive for another year or so.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

- This article was updated on January 4th, 2023

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