Best Weapons in Atomic Heart, Ranked

Check out the best weapons in Atomic Heart.

by Franklin Bellone Borges
Image: Mundfish, assembled by Attack of the Fanboy

Atomic Heart gives players the ability to wield a wide arsenal of truly devastating weapons, some of which are capable of making short work of both mobs and bosses. But what are the best weapons in the game? To answer that and more, here are all the weapons in Atomic Heart, ranked from worst to best.

All Weapons in Atomic Heart, Ranked

12. Swede

Image: Mundfish

To start off we have the Swede, the game’s most basic two-handed melee weapon. Although simple, the Swede is a weapon capable of dealing decent damage and can fill in really well as your primary melee weapon for most of the game.

11. Snowball

Image: Mundfish

Although the mace may look like a single-handed weapon at first, the Snowball is a tool sure to deliver a punch, no matter its target.

On the downside, the weapon’s low swing speed and poor range will in most cases not justify the loss of your free hand when in combat, thus making it a pretty niche pick no matter your difficulty of choice.

10. Fox

Image: Mundfish

The Fox is a weapon capable of dealing decent damage as well as one able to work really well in hit-and-run scenarios given its attack speed. Like the snowball, its poor range can be considered its biggest downside.

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9. Railgun

Image: Mundfish

The Railgun is the weapon capable of dealing the biggest amount of damage in the game, as well as one whose biggest strength lies in its ability to pierce multiple targets.

In order to bring the best out of the weapon, we recommend that you use the Railgun only when absolutely necessary, since although capable of periodically one-shotting targets, using it will leave you open to damage as well.

8. Pashtet

Image: Mundfish

The best one-handed melee weapon in the game, the Pashtet features the biggest overall attack speed and the longest range amongst the weapons of its class.

The Pashnet shines through its ability to excel especially in single-target scenarios. With the right upgrades, the weapon also becomes capable of further extending its range with a unique attack.

7. Fat Boy

Image: Mundfish

A weapon that requires commitment in exchange for its massive damage output. The Fat Boy is the second most destructive weapon in the game.

With that said, even though the gun makes up for its low fire rate through massive force, it falls behind some of the game’s top tiers given their ability to deal fast ounces of damage to equal or sometimes higher effects.

6. Dominator

Image: Mundfish

The Dominator shines through its ability to fire fast bursts of energy with very little recoil, all while allowing you to make use of its unique shot to perform damaging combos in both single and multi-target scenarios.

With the right upgrades, the Dominator’s ability to drain the health bar of its targets can be considered second only to the Kalash.

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5. KS-23 (Shotgun)

Image: Mundfish

A gun capable of dealing devastating amounts of damage per shot, the KS-23 is, in true Shotgun fashion, the best weapon in scenarios where you need to run in, get the job done quickly, and then move on.

The biggest downside of the weapon lies in its short magazine and low rate of fire, but although the latter cannot be fixed, the former’s impact can be minimized through the right upgrades.

4. Electro

Image: Mundfish

The perfect blend between the effectiveness of the Dominator and the overall excellence of the MP, the Electro handgun is by miles the best Electric weapon in the game given its high overall damage and great adaptability.

3. PM

Image: Mundfish

The game’s standard handgun, the PM can be considered the game’s jack of all trades, given its ability to excel in all scenarios through its high overall damage, rate of fire, and utility.

2. Zvezdochka

Image: Mundfish

The ideal combination of devastating damage and just the right amount of speed — given its size — the Zvezdochka is by miles the best melee weapon in the game. A title the weapon earns thanks to its ability to excel in the simple things. In this case, being able to turn anything in your way into mush.

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1. Kalash (AK-47)

Image: Mundfish

The best overall weapon in the game, the Kalash — Atomic Heart’s version of the AK-47 — brings to the title everything that makes the assault rifle a great gun in pretty much all FPS games.

Overall, the weapon is a great tool for both bosses and normal enemies thanks to its ability to allow you to perform quick, precise, and highly damaging shots. Just remember to keep an eye on your ammo.

- This article was updated on March 13th, 2023