How to Get All Blueprints in Atomic Heart

All blueprints for your arsenal.

by Christian Bognar
Image of weapons firing flamethrower and electricity.
Image: Mundfish

Are you looking to get every single blueprint in Atomic Heart? There are quite a few to find, some of them are well hidden, especially if you aren’t taking the time to look in every nook and cranny. Don’t worry, though, as we will make your hunt for all the available blueprints in Atomic Heart much easier with our table guide in this article.

All Blueprints Locations in Atomic Heart

There are close to 40 blueprints available in the game, adding tons of customization, playstyles, and upgrades. This table will try to stay in order of when you will encounter each blueprint.

You won’t be able to return to Vavilov Complex after leaving into the open-zone world. That is okay; if you missed some blueprints, you can find them at different locations on the map as you progress, considering they will spawn elsewhere.

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Small Neuromad Capsule

You can find this blueprint inside the second save room of the Vavilov Complex. You will know it is the fitting room right after you meet Nora for the first time.

Shotgun Shells

This can be found in the breakroom between meeting Nora and the next save room.

Swede Handle

You will find a locked booth within the Maglev Tunnels. Near this booth is a break room containing a larger chest. Open it for this blueprint.


After swimming through the Polymer at the cable car station, enter the restroom, where you will find a chest.

KS-23 Electromagnetic Barrel

Located in the tunnels of Vavilov Complex, this can be found in the terminals breakroom.

Electro EMP Generator

Immediately entering the Seed Bank, you will find a safe room to the right. Open the chest and find this blueprint.


While searching for the three Lunar Canisters, you will encounter many Polymers to swim through. Once you are on the other side, you will come across Nora and receive the blueprint once you enter the room.


Found in the Seed Bank in the upper-level break room.

MP Ammo

Once you collect MP in the upper-level break room, you will come across the chest before heading up the stairs. Inside is the MP Ammo Blueprint.

Fire Cartridge

A fire Cartridge is found outside the Seed Bank upper-level breakroom, next to a forklift bot.

Medium Neuromod Capsule

Also found in the upper-level Seed Bank after heading over broken planks, where you need to jump.


Found in a breakroom in the Hot Workshop Hallways Breakroom.

Electric Cartridge

Algae Workshop Breakroom, found in the chest inside.


Found in the hallways next to the Algae Workshop Breakroom.

Ice Cartridge

Found in the Algae Workshop safe room after encountering the Hedgie Robot.

Adrenaline Capsule

Found in the Assembly Workshop after entering the Hot Workshop. There is a hole in the wall; you will find this blueprint next to it.

Pashtet Blade Flight

Hot Workshop Breakroom chest.


Found in the Cold Lab Breakroom within a chest.


Found in the Cold Lab Breakroom after you finish filling the canister with plants.

Kalash Rounds

Near the grocery store in Forester Village, there is a red building with the number three on it. You will find a door with a lock on it; use your lockpicking skills and see this blueprint inside.

Snowball Handle

As you make your way towards Volan, near Forester Village, this blueprint is located on the second-level balcony of the red house.


Found on the table in Granny Zina’s Hut.

Large Neuromed Capsule

As you head towards the Lesnaya station on the right side of the road, you will find another red house. A chest can be found on the top of the building.


Near the wheat fields, on your way to Lesnaya Station, you will find the blueprint inside a chest in the farmhouse.


Behind the statue located next to Lesnaya Station.

Fat Boy

Found on the docks after the train crash near Boat Station.

Fat Boy Rockets

Found in Scientific Testing Ground 1 on a staircase that leads to the first magnetic room.

Fox Handle

Found after leaving the breakroom in Scientific Testing Ground 1.

MP Expansive Converter

Go through the boiler room in Scientific Testing Ground 1, and you will see a blue truck. Go over this blue truck, make it into the offices, and keep looking for a magnetic door. Inside is the blueprint.

KS 23 Extended Magazine

After the second magnetic puzzle in Scientific Testing Ground 1, you will see a laser puzzle once lowering the platform. Solve the puzzle and go inside to find the blueprint.

Zvezdochka Saw Dance

Found near the KS 23 Blueprint.

MP Extended Magazine

After completing the first puzzle in Scientific Testing Ground 6, in the back room.

Kalash Collimator

Complete the turbine fight in Scientific Testing Ground 6. Go through the pipes, finding it right at the end.

Zvezdochka Handle

This blueprint is found in the left-hand side room during the third puzzle of Scientific Testing Ground 6.

Electro Resisiting Robots

Next to the exit elevator of Scientific Testing Ground 6.

Snowball Auger

Also found next to the exit elevator of Scientific Testing Ground 6.


North of the Kollectiv Complex as you make your way to Scientific Testing Ground 8. Next to Polymer in the air.

- This article was updated on February 23rd, 2023