How to Upgrade Weapons in Atomic Heart

I need to shoot better, okay?!

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
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Are you wondering how to upgrade weapons in Atomic Heart so you can destroy those pesky robots easier? Atomic Heart offers a pretty in-depth crafting and upgrading system for all guns and melee weapons. First, however, you need to obtain the crafting upgrade blueprints and upgrade materials to upgrade them.

This may seem tedious, but Atomic Heart includes many ways to find out exactly how and where you can obtain these necessary ingredients. So here is how to upgrade weapons in Atomic Heart so you become an unstoppable killing machine.

How to Upgrade Your Weapons in Atomic Heart

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Once you have obtained the necessary weapon upgrade materials and blueprints, you can upgrade weapons in Atomic Heart using NORA. When interacting with her, her first option is always the weapon option. Pick that, and then you will be taken to the weapon screen. Once there, you must use the appropriate button to navigate to the upgrade submenu, as shown in the picture above.

The upgrade screen will only show weapons in your inventory, so if you don’t see a weapon you want to upgrade, you will need to add it to your inventory from NORA’s storage. Then, select the weapon from here, and you will be taken to the upgrade screen.

You will now be shown the available parts to upgrade your weapon. For instance, you can upgrade the Zvezdochka’s disk, crushing blow, handle, and cartridge gun. Select one of these options to see what you can upgrade. If the part has white and red lines, you haven’t found that blueprint. Otherwise, you can upgrade as long as you have the appropriate materials.

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How to Obtain Weapon Upgrade Materials in Atomic Heart

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Looting boxes throughout the Atomic Heart world can obtain all weapon upgrade materials. The easiest way to know if you can loot a box is by using your scanner to scan your environment. All lootable boxes will be highlighted in blue.

The second way you can obtain weapon upgrade materials is by killing enemies. Again, you will obtain different types of materials based on the type of enemy you loot. For instance, a robot will provide different materials than an organic one.

If you are looking for a specific weapon crafting material, there is an easy way to find out which enemy you can loot it from. You will see a question mark icon within the crafting menu of NORA. Click on that icon to see a screen with all available materials listed. Pick the icon of the material you need, and you will be shown a picture of the enemies that drop it.

How to Obtain Weapon Upgrade Blueprints in Atomic Heart

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You can obtain weapon upgrade blueprints in two methods: looting them from boxes in the general open world or looting them in Lootyagin boxes within Testing Grounds.

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You will unlock many of these blueprints at the Factory level by looting boxes in recreation rooms. After that, you will find them randomly throughout the world. However, if you are looking for a specific weapon upgrade, you can have NORA tell you which Testing Ground location it is in.

- This article was updated on February 23rd, 2023