How to Enter Atomic Heart Testing Grounds

We now have access to the scientific testing ground, Comrade Major.

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Are you wondering how to enter Testing Grounds in Atomic Heart so you can find upgrade recipes? Testing grounds are additional areas of Atomic Heart that provide an extra challenge through puzzles from The Major, the Witch, and the Warehouse and A Glass, Darkly quests found in the museum. In addition, you will be rewarded with valuable recipes for upgrades to your guns and melee weapons.

If you are looking for a specific upgrade, you can use NORA to show you which Testing Ground the upgrade is located in. The nice aspect of Atomic Heart is its open-world exploration allowing you to head to whichever testing ground you want whenever you want. However, opening the doors to a specific testing ground requires you to complete a specific action first. Here is how to enter the testing grounds in Atomic Heart.

How to Unlock Testing Grounds in Atomic Heart

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

To enter the testing grounds in Atomic Heart, you will need to unlock the door by using the camera that is closest to it. You can access the camera using a camera terminal within the testing ground’s zone. You can identify this zone by opening your map and looking at the big white circle in which the testing ground is found. The camera terminal for this specific testing ground will only be in this area.

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Each camera terminal will be located in a different space and will take some time to find. For instance, the camera terminal for testing ground six is located in the tall tower where you have to take a lift up to reach. On the other hand, the camera terminal for testing ground one sits on a platform in the open. Once you have located the terminal, you must pick the closest camera with visibility to the testing ground door. Then, when you access the camera, you can press a button to open the door.

Once you have unlocked the testing ground entrance, you must enter it and then use the elevator to be taken inside the testing ground. This is where the real fun begins, and once inside, you can begin solving puzzles and finding upgrade recipes.

- This article was updated on February 22nd, 2023