How to Enter and Find Canisters in the Cold Workshop in Atomic Heart

Time to embrace the cold chill in Atomic Heart.

by Gordon Bicker
Image of the robots in Atomic Heart.
Image: Mundfish

Atomic Heart has a range of puzzles to complete which will keep you thinking logically for a long while — some of these puzzles can be found while searching for canisters in the Vavilov Complex. One such canister is referred to as the Cold Canister as it is within the Cold Workshop of the overall complex. This article will take you through how to enter and find the canister in the Cold Workshop in Atomic Heart.

Finding the Cold Workshop in Atomic Heart

In order to actually get to the Cold Workshop it is fairly simple. Follow the normal mission route paths and you will reach a tunnel with signs on the side of the back wall. The bottom sign pointing left is yellow and has what looks like a fly on it. Whereas the blue sign at the top has a snowflake on it and points to the right. Follow the right-hand-side path to proceed to the Cold Workshop.

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Along the route, you will encounter various enemies until you eventually reach an area with animals inside glass tanks. A saddening sight but grievously you will need to put the animals out of their misery to proceed. In order to enter the workshop you have to close all the open tank lids by interacting with the gear wheels on those tanks — interact with the main console afterward to open the door.

How to Get the Canister Within the Cold Workshop

When you are inside the Cold Workshop, proceed to the objective marker which will take you to the main control room. There is a laser puzzle on the wall that you have to solve so interact with the wall to start the puzzle. Rotate the top middle part once and then rotate the bottom left part once, this will solve the puzzle.

When you have done so, press the red button next to the cold canister container, and it is now when you have to survive waves of enemies. Make sure that you keep the fans active by using Shock on the laser puzzle wall when they turn off and press the red button in the room afterward. Keep the room safe and as you are killing enemies the canister will fill, when it does simply go up and interact with it to obtain it.

- This article was updated on February 22nd, 2023