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Biomutant – How to Get a Mount

There are a lot of mounts you can find, both biological and mechanical


The world of Biomutant is huge to say the least, and a mount is the mandatory help you will need in order to be able to traverse between areas on a fast pace. There are all sorts of mounts that can be acquired, each of them standing out more than the previous, so if one thing is for certain is that you will have some interesting company to the dangerous journey that lies ahead. You can even get artificial mounts, not only ‘living creatures’, which makes it even more exciting to search for them. Take a look below if you want to find out more about it.

How to get a mount in Biomutant

The earliest you will be able to get a mount, will be right after you capture your first enemy outpost. It’s a task requested by your Sifu (the chosen Tribe’s leader), and right after you conquer the enemy’s defenses, run outside the outpost’s main entrance. A little further away, there will be some wildlife hoping around, most likely being a goat-like animal. There will be a brief cutscene explaining that you can actually tame animals in Biomutant, and then you can do it right away.

Nearby, there will be a bush of brown leaves. Below the bush, there is a special fruit that you can feed wild animals with, to increase their bond with you. In order to grab the fruit, you just need to roll below the bush. Then approach the animal and click the button shown at the screen, to feed it. Afterwards, press the same button and you will now have acquired, permanently, this specific mount.

There is another way of obtaining mounts in Biomutant, and that’s by buying them. Vendors selling mounts can be found all over the place, but the easiest you can find are the shopkeepers inside outposts. There will always be a mount vendor in each outpost, so anytime you find any of your Tribe’s or capture a brand new one, make sure to pass through the outpost’s market and take a look.

Lastly, mounts can also be created, by completing certain quests. It would spoil all the fun just mentioning which quests those are, in here, so we will let you find those by yourself. Trust me, there are some very unique artificial mounts, so it will be way more exciting to see for yourself what you will actually end up with.

And that is all in regards to how you can get a mount. You can summon them pretty much everywhere you are when there is solid ground around, by bringing up the vehicles sub-menu and press the respective button. They will spawn right behind you, so ride them and run like the wind to your next destination.

Biomutant is available on PlayStation, Xbox and PC. For more related content about the game, feel free to check the rest of our guides right here.


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