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Biomutant – How to Get Psi-Points

Choose your aura and unlock the respective abilities with Psi-Points


Psi-Points is a currency you can gather in Biomutant, alongside its other cousins like Upgrade Points and Bio-Points. Every single one of these is used to upgrade your character in varied ways, and Psi-Points in particular are the ones that will unlock the most ‘mage’-like skills in the game. As it’s already self-explanatory, Psi-Abilities are unlocked only through the use of these Psi-Points, and by having your Aura on the respective side, that being Dark or Light. For a more detailed explanation and to see how to get Psi-Points in Biomutant, take a look below.

How to get Psi-Points in Biomutant

All of the currencies you can collect come in with different ways each. You need to level up to get Upgrade Points, kill Morks and find Bio-capsules for Bio-Points, and so on. Psi-Points are the most unique of the three, as you obtain them in a number of quirky ways. The most consistent of them all, will be through Psi-shrines. These are small, tent-like shrines that are found literally all over the place. Inside towns and villages, open areas, outposts, everywhere. All you have to do is to interact with the shrine and you will get a single Psi-Point.

Psi-shrines however are not the only method in which you can collect this rare currency. Completing certain quests also give you a single point each time, but the most odd way of all is by interacting with certain objects around the world, that trigger a specific event. For example, you may encounter a pair of travelers near a cart, resting until they keep on with their journey. In some cases, you may have options as to how to interact with this whole instance. You may choose to help them, or simply burn down that cart as proof of dominance. In both cases you will earn a Psi-Point, but, your Aura will be increased to the corresponding side. Burning the cart will give you Dark influence, while helping them results to Light influence.

The reason why Dark and Light are so tied with Psi-Points, is because you can use those points for unlocking an ability, only if you are in the required Aura’s threshold. In order to unlock the Levitate ability for example, you need to spend a certain amount of Psi-Points, AND to have your Light Aura with at least 10 Light points. Even if you have the correct amount of Psi-Points, you won’t be able to get that skill without your Light Aura having at least 10 points.

As you see, Psi-playstyle requires good planning in regards to how you approach your experience in your journey. You may want to end up as kindest guy in the world, but a certain ability you want to use may need you to go to the darker side for a while. It all depends on your choices, so gather those Psi-Points and choose wisely your actions in Biomutant.

Biomutant is available on PlayStation, Xbox and PC. For more related content about the game, feel free to check the rest of our guides right here.


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