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Biomutant – How to Get Upgrade Points

Upgrade Points will be your most valuable resource


Upgrade Points in Biomutant with be your most valuable resource in the game. They are required for unlocking Wung-Fu of any kind, which essentially means they unlock the active skills you will use with your weapons, and any passive abilities that will be permanently enhancing your furry friend. There are a ton of skills and abilities to unlock, and since Upgrade Points don’t come in masses, each use of them will count. An invaluable currency for sure, so let’s see below how you can get yourself some Upgrade Points.

How to get Upgrade Points in Biomutant

The most consistent way of getting Upgrade Points will be by leveling up. Each levels gives you 1 Upgrade Point, and you can keep them for as long as you want, until you spend them. This will also be your main way of acquiring such points, since the rest of the methods available in the game, are far and between.

Which brings us to the second way. All over the world of Biomutant, you will be able to find certain objects, that if you interact with them you will gain a single Upgrade Point each time. Those objects are varied in terms of appearance, as they can be anything from books, relics of the past and so on. Additionally, these items tend to hide behind an enemy roadblock, such as defeating all enemies in a camp. Then the big bad guy from that same camp will appear, and if you beat him you will have access to his lair, where he came from. there are various chests and objects you can interact with in there, and a lot of times one ends up being something that rewards you with 1 Upgrade Point.

Lastly, the final method, is through questing. There is a huge amount of side quests you can complete in Biomutant, and some of them provide you with an Upgrade Point as the final reward. Which means that if you have the time, try and complete as many side quests as possible.

As we mentioned above, Upgrade Points are used for unlocking new skills and abilities. There are general abilities that apply to a variety of fields like increasing your movement speed etc., weapon-exclusive skills that unlock new moves for each weapon and so on. Try and unlock as many as possible, to create your own, unique way of fighting and traversing through the lush world of Biomutant.

Biomutant is available on PlayStation, Xbox and PC. For more related content about the game, feel free to check the rest of our guides right here.


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