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Biomutant – How to Turn Off the Narrator

If you don't like cheesy lines, here is how to turn off the narrator


If one things stands out right away in Biomutant, is the narrator of the game who, well, narrates every single thing that is happening in it. From NPC dialogues, to action within combat, anything you can imagine can have a cheesy line from this very interesting voice. For some though, this may end up as annoying, so Experiment 101 ensured to add a way of turning off the narrator to its entirety, and in this guide here we are taking a look at exactly that.

How to turn the narrator off in Biomutant

Every NPC in Biomutant speaks a language of their own. When you interact with any of them, what you will hear will be some sort of gibberish, similar to the voices of the Banjo-Kazooie series. Thankfully, the almighty narrator is there to help us and explain what the characters are saying, in the language we set our game to. Not only that, but he provides his own tweak to every word and phrase he throws out, making the dialogue even more interesting than it has to be.

The narrator however does this with pretty much everything in the game. He throws out cheeky lines in combat, like “Super effective!”, “Whoosh”, and things of the likes. Even when you traverse the giant world of Biomutant, he tends to say things that either describe your actions, like getting on top of a mount, or mentioning how an area looks and feels. He even provides some helpful comments when there is an interactable object around, so that’s a bonus too.

In my opinion, I never found the narrator being annoying or taking out my immersion within the game. On the contrary, it feels like I’m having this imaginary friend together with me, all the time, adding some nice flair to my overall experience. As a result, the narrator keeps making my time in Biomutant more interesting than it is, and a pleasant company when I ride my mount from one place to another.

If everything mentioned above is not your cup of tea, then I’m glad to inform you that you have the option of turning the narrator off, completely. All you have to do is to go to the pause menu, and from there click on ‘Settings’. Afterwards, scroll to the ‘Audio’ tab, and at the bottom you will be able to find the ‘Frequency’ section. Inside, there are two options, Narrator and Gibberish. you can adjust these to your liking, and if you set the narrator one to 0, you will never hear him again saying things about the environment or anything at all, even in combat. If by any chance you like him so much you want to hear more of him, then turn it all up to a 100 and let the narrator go on a rampage.

The Gibberish option by the way, is for all those NPCs and enemies that keep rumbling with unknown words and sounds. Turning this to 0, will pretty much mute them, so if you want that as well, you can do it. Biomutant is kind enough to literally let you choose your own way of playing, so if you are annoyed or tired of all this talking, you can simply skip everything and just listen to the game’s beautiful background sounds and music.

Biomutant is available on PlayStation, Xbox and PC. For more related content about the game, feel free to check the rest of our guides right here.


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