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Biomutant – Which Tribe to Choose

Choosing your Tribe is an important decision


Biomutant has a vast world to explore, and in this same world you will need to choose a Tribe to join, in order to achieve your goal the fastest way possible. Tribes are separated into Dark and Light ones, with the first opposing the latter and so on. There are six Tribes found within the game, each with their own perks and benefits, Early into your journey, you will need to choose only between two of them, however as you progress through the story the rest will become available and you will be able to either change your allegiance to any of them, or remain to the one you chose in the beginning of Biomutant.

Which Tribe to choose in Biomutant

As mentioned above, there are six Tribes to choose from:


  • Myriad – Maximum Light
  • Ankati – Light
  • Netra – Somewhat Light


  • Lotus – Maximum Dark
  • Lotus – Dark
  • Pichu – Somewhat Dark

The two first choices you will have in the beginning, will be Jagni and Myriad. Sitting on the different sides of the spectrum, you will essentially have to choose Dark or Light. That said, whichever you end up with, you can still change afterwards when you encounter the rest four tribes.

In regards to which one you should pick, it is solely based on personal preference. If you want to act bad in general and mistreat those around you without the fear of any consequences, the Dark Tribes are for you. In case you like helping others and want everyone to treat you with respect, then the Light side is the one you should pick.

Here is where we need to mention a couple of things. The choice doesn’t only affect the way you will be acting in this world with those around you. There are some other benefits and drawbacks, depending on how you see them. First of all, each Tribe has a unique weapon and armor, which you will get after achieving certain tasks for them. Capturing outposts, completing quests, and so on. Additionally, one Tribe may have you opposed to one you don’t really want to conquer, hence making the choice harder to side with them.

Lastly, both Dark and Light Tribes have a different endgame goal, in the long run. Tribes of the Light Aura want you to help them save the world from the world Eaters, gigantic beasts that want to destroy the Tree of Life, while the Dark tribes want them to actually destroy the Tree to reset the balance of this world. With whichever side you end up with, your  goal as well will change depending on theirs. There will be options and chances to reverse your original pick, so rest assured that your first decision won’t be permanent or final. With these in mind, find the best Tribe for you and join their ranks to assist them further in the world of Biomutant.

Biomutant is available on PlayStation, Xbox and PC. For more related content about the game, feel free to check the rest of our guides right here.


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