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Black Desert Online Update 1.86 Patch Notes

Lots of changes

by Damian Seeto


Update 1.86 has arrived for Black Desert Online and here’s the full list of changes and fixes added with this patch.

Developer Pearl Abyss keeps updating the game with new content and bug fixes throughout. If you have the PS4 version of Black Desert Online, the current update number is 1.86.

The developer has also resolved a log-in issue with the game. As of today, you should be able to access the game normally.

Anyway, you can read the partial patch notes for the game posted down below.

Black Desert Online Update 1.86 Patch Notes

● Changed all Big Ships to now require characters Lv. 50 or higher to be able to use Cannon Fire.
– Even though characters below Lv. 50 can fire cannons prior to this update, no damage was being applied.
● Added to the requirement for New Adventurers to create a Family Name.
– Once you enter a Safety Zone with a character who is Lv. 15 or higher, the window to create a Family Name will appear.
● Fixed the issue where you could use the following functions in the app with an account with restricted access to the Central Market. Now accounts restricted from the Central Market cannot use any feature via the app.
– Cancelling registrations and pre-orders
– Collecting Silver from sales
● Removed any unnecessary logs from the game log.
● Added a warning message to display when registering certain items onto the Central Market with less than 1 hour remaining on your Value Pack.
● Fixed the issue where Families of certain transferred accounts couldn’t be appointed to the Guild rank of Advisor.

Pearl Shop
● Fixed the message displayed when attempting to enter the Pearl Shop (F3) while it’s undergoing maintenance to be less awkward.

● Changed the Guest Pass Coupon to now last for 7 days.
● Improved Guild and Adventurer search pages to now allow searching from two characters or more.

Modified or Changed
● Fixed the issue where your character appeared to be underwater when entering Pujiya Canyon from certain points.
● Fixed the issue where you could use Gathering in certain parts of Grána without any visibly gatherable materials.
● Fixed the issue where the alert for hiring sailors wouldn’t display after toggling off General Settings – Alerts – Zone Change.
● Fixed the issue where you couldn’t proceed with the Nouvermon quest with the Guest from the Mountain of Eternal Winter after having socketed your Nouverikant Outfit with Black Spirit’s Claw.
● Changed the web Central Market to be unusable when the Guest Pass Coupon expires.

If you want to read the full patch notes, you can visit the game’s official website for additional details. Black Desert Online is available on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4 and Xbox One.

- This article was updated on July 9th, 2021

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