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Black Ops 4 Blackout How to Drop Faster and Land First

Beat other players to the ground with this easy method of using the wingsuit.

by William Schwartz


Getting on the ground faster in Blackout will give you an opportunity to get any weapons, armor, or items in an area and hopefully help you survive longer.  While your first inclination might be to get above an area and dive straight down, there’s actually a way to drop faster and land first in Blackout.  Follow the steps below and you’ll be hitting the ground in Blackout before other players, hopefully giving you a chance to scoop up any weapons around you.


You’re going to want to do a little pre-planning when getting ready to jump out of the helicopters in Blackout and have a game plan in place in regards to where you want to drop.  By opening the map and looking at the path of the helicopters you’ll better be able to determine the exact location that you want to jump out to get the best speed to your location.  In the example above we’ve selected the Firing Range as our drop spot.  We’ve placed a marker on the map to show the best spot to jump out of the helicopter.

You may be wondering why the marker is so far away from the firing range and that’s because we are looking to utilize the wingsuit glider and momentum from the drop to glide faster and beat other players to this area.

Speed and Angle of Approach are Most Important

Once you’ve determined where you want to land and where you want to jump at to get there fastest, here’s how you’ll do the jump.

Immediately after you’ve jumped out of the helicopter you’ll want to go into a nosedive until you’ve reached between 68-70 m/s and see three arrows indicating your speed.  Once you reach this high speed you’re going to want to pull up on the stick just enough to open the wingsuit while still heading towards your landing spot.


The trajectory that you’re going to want to come in on will be somewhat flat, but you’ll be travelling at a high rate of speed using the wingsuit.  The image above is a good idea of what your landing should look like.

As you can see we have a slight angle high speed and fairly close to the ground.  Depending on your target location this distance can vary but the trajectory should not.  What you do not want to do is wait in the helicopter too long to drop out.  You do not want to wait for the helicopter to be directly above your target drop zone and then hop out and dive straight down.  The optimal way is to hop out a couple of squares before your target and use the speed of your wingsuit and angle of your jump to get there first.

Just remember to dive when you jump out of the helicopter into a straight nose dive and then pull up slightly once you reach high speed.  You will see the arms of your wingsuit open and then dial in the trajectory to drop fast and hit the ground first in Blackout.

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