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Black Ops 4 How to Get Camos

Black Ops 4 has a ton of different camo unlocks in the game.

by William Schwartz


There are multiple ways to unlock and earn camos in Black Ops 4.  Some require that you just play a lot of the game and unlock them through the Black Market, while others will require that you complete challenges in the game.  Regardless of the camo you are going for you’re going to have set aside some time to play the game and/or complete these challenges to unlock gun camos in Black Ops 4.

Skill Challenges – Gold, Diamond, and Dark Matter

If you want to showcase your skills, the gold, diamond, and Dark Matter camos are the weapons skins to do it.  They show that you’ve completed performance challenges, technical challenges, and mastery challenges for each weapon.  With Gold being the easiest to earn and Dark Matter being the hardest as each of the camo tiers build off on another.

Getting Gold guns skins allow you to get Diamond, which in turn allow you to get Dark Matter.  First things first though, you’ll want to start earning Gold Guns skins before you do anything and this will require that you complete the Performance and Technical challenges for each weapon.

These requirements can vary depending on the weapon that you are using.  Performance Camo unlocks are usually tied to getting a specific number of headshots.  However, for some weapons this objective can be different like needing one shot kills for the majority of sniper rifles, or destroying score streaks with the Rocket Launcher.

Once you do complete the performance challenge for a weapon the technical challenges will be unlocked to complete.  These challenges will require that you complete more varied objectives and earn specific medals.  For instance, you’ll need to get five Bloodthirsty Medals and complete 10 Longshots to earn two of the Technical camo unlocks.


Diamond Camo Changes Color

After you’ve completed the technical and performance unlocks for a weapon you will unlock the Gold gun mastery camo.  This camo can then be applied to that weapon in your create a class loadout.  The next step in Skill Challenges is to get all gold guns in each weapon class which will unlock Diamond Camo.  The Diamond Camo changes color as you accrue more kills during a match until it ultimately turns into pulsating rainbow skin.  However, to get this Diamond Camo you will need to get all gold guns in each class.  Once you do, the whole class will have Diamond Camo available to use.

Once you’ve begun working on the Diamond Skins you are well on your way to unlocking Dark Matter.  This weapon skin is a reactive camo, which changes color and shape as you get more kills with it.  To unlock the Dark Matter camo you will need to get Diamond skins for all weapons.  Essentially you need to complete all of the challenges for each original weapon in the game to unlock Dark Matter.


Black Market Camos

Completing these challenges in-game aren’t the only ways to get Weapon Camos in Black Ops 4.  The Black Market also has plenty of opportunities for you to unlock unique weapon camo.  Some are basic static camos of different rarities, while others are reactive camo that change colors when getting more kills during a match or Mastercraft camo which have really unique visuals that range from a unicorn gun to an airplane.  Unfortunately, these really unique items are held behind the Black Market tier system so they can only be unlocked through playing the game (a lot) or through purchasing a shortcut with Call of Duty Points.  You can purchase tiers with this currency which will allow you to shortcut to these items.

You very well may have camos in your inventory from the Black Market if you haven’t checked under the Black Market tab in the weapon Personalization screen.  You can access this menu by pressing the Personalize Button when in create-a-class.  This is Triangle on PS4 and Y on Xbox One.  This will open up the menu to see the different performance, technical, and mastery challenges for a specific weapon.  However, you can also tab over to the Black Market tab and then see if you have any normal camo, reactive camo, or mastercraft camo to use for that weapon.

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