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Black Ops 4 How to Equip and Use Different Camo in Blackout

Most but not all camos you unlock in other modes can be used in Blackout.

by William Schwartz

With so many camos available to use in Black Ops 4 it was only a matter of time before they made their way to Blackout.  You may see players with different gun camo in Blackout mode and this short guide will explain how to change your weapon camos for Blackout.

A new feature was recently added to the Blackout menus that gives you a new “Armory” tab.  In this section of the Blackout menu you can see all of the guns in Blackout and select a skin for each specific weapon.  This will allow you to use gun camos that you’ve earned in Multiplayer or Zombies, as well as camos that have been unlocked through the Black Market Contraband stream.

Unfortunately, the achievement related camos like Gold Camo can not be used in Blackout. Diamond Camo also cannot be used in Blackout, and Dark Matter Camo cannot be used in Blackout as well.  Though it’s been hinted that Treyarch may be adding an achievement related gun camo system similar to the one in competitive multiplayer for Blackout in the future.

For now, you can use the Performance and Technical camo unlocks from Multiplayer and Zombies that you have unlocked in those modes.  You can also use static Black Market Camos that have been unlocked, Reactive Camo for the weapon they’ve been unlocked for, and Mastercraft camo.

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