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Black Ops 4 Zombies All Gauntlet Mode Challenges and Rewards

New challenges every round for Zombies fans.

by William Schwartz


Gauntlet Mode in Black Ops 4 Zombies is a new round-based challenge mode that offers players challenges in each round they stay alive and rewarding them for doing so.  Based on the Classic Mode, Gauntlet features 30 rounds of challenges with different rules for each round.  The premise is simple.  Play by the rules and stay alive and you’ll earn Medals and Special Rewards at rounds 10,20, and 30.

The catch in Gauntlet Mode is that if your team fails to complete the round as outlined by the rules you will get a strike.  If you get three strikes the game is over. When you start out in Gauntlet Mode there will be a notification in the middle of the screen that tells you what the current challenge is.

After each round you will get a new notification at the start of the round to let you know what that challenge is.  If you fail to complete any challenge before round’s end or break any rules, you will get a strike that goes towards your three strikes rule.  Completing the entire 30-round Gauntlet can be challenging but knowing where certain items are and preparing for the challenges ahead can help.

Unsinkable Gauntlet Challenges

Bronze Challenges

Unsinkable – Round 1 – Survive the round without taking damage

Well Equipped – Round 2 – Kill Zombies with equipment only

Shall We Dance? – Round 3 – Use melee only

Perk Up – Round 4 – Survive the round with at least one perk active

Never Say Lever – Round 5 – Use the Essex Model 07 Lever Action Rifle only

Artifacts of Life – Round 6 – Activate the Sentinel Artifact

Shielded – Round 7 – Possess the shield at the end of the round

Closed for Business – Round 8 – All Buys are disabled

Mystery Shopper – Round 9 – Obtain a weapon from the mystery box

Waterlogged – Round 10 – Defend the Cargo Hold while flooded

Silver Challenges

Round 11 – Open all doors in the map

Round 12 – Survive a wave of crawling dead

Round 13 – Possess a re-packed weapon by the end of the round

Round 14 – Complete the round with zero perks

Round 15 – Defend the Poop Deck

Round 16 – Use the Lever Action Rifle only

Round 17 – Kill Zombies with headshots only

Round 18 – Avoid all powerups

Round 19 – Damage to players causes point drain

Round 20 – Survive a Stoker onslaught in the Engine Room

Gold Challenges

Round 21 – Every player must possess a Level 3 Special Weapon

Round 22 – Kill Catalysts Zombies using the corresponding reactive alternate ammo type

Round 23 – Reset to your starting weapon

Round 24 – Replenish health drain with zombie kills

Round 25 – Defend the Forecastle with no special weapons

Round 26 – Complete the round before the timer runs out

Round 27 – Use only Lever Action Rifle

Round 28 – No HUD

Round 29 – Pack-a-Punch weapons disabled

Round 30 – Defend the Grand Staircase from a ton of zombies

Unsinkable Gauntlet Rewards

The first time that you make it to round 10, 20, or 30 you will receive a medal and a calling card alongside any match rewards that you receive for leveling up or Nebulium Plasma or Calling Cards for completing other in-game challenges.

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