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Black Ops Cold War – All Tactical Equipment

Leave the enemy stunned by your battle readiness

by Joshua Garibay


Despite existing in a different era, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War isn’t doing much to differentiate itself from Modern Warfare when it comes to available Tactical Equipment. And that’s not necessarily a knock against the game. Familiarity is comfort, right?

We have collected the full list of available tactical equipment for Operators to use in their Create-A-Class setups once the option becomes available at Level 4. Each equipment designated below is paired with its level unlock requirement. If no level is listed, the equipment is unlocked by default after Create-A-Class is accessible.

Keep in mind that this information was pulled from the beta and is subject to change. The guide will be updated if Treyarch alters any of this information by or before the full release.

Tactical Equipment

Name Unlock Level Description
Stun Grenade N/A Disorients enemies and slows movement. Detonates shortly after impact.
Stimshot 6 Reusable stimulant that initiates healing immediately.
Smoke Grenade 17 Produces a smoke screen on impact.
Decoy 33 Simulates footsteps to confuse enemies.

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