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Black Ops Cold War: How to Get Chrysalax Wonder Weapon

The near magical Chrysalax can kill most enemies in one shot.

The Chrysalax is the final Wonder Weapon obtainable in Season Six of Zombies mode in Black Ops Cold War. Fortunately, the method of obtaining it is a simple three-step process. In this guide, we’ll explain how to obtain Forsaken’s most powerful weapon.

The Chrysalax is one of the strongest melee weapons in the game

The first step towards obtaining the Chrysalax is to lift the lockdown through the observation tower. Once you’ve traveled to the tower, you should find two orange buttons that, when pressed, trigger the announcer to state that a lockdown has been lifted. Once both buttons are triggered a cutscene will play. You will know if you’ve followed all steps correctly up until this point if you hear the phrase “Tick tock, Requiem” immediately after pressing the second button.

Obtain a flamethrower, the next two steps involve enemy interaction

Once the cutscene is done playing quickly try to procure a flamethrower. This is vital for the next step in the Chrysalax crafting process. Throughout the map, you should notice large, purple crystalline structures with aetheric orbs floating around them. Tormented will spawn near these. The Tormented are red, glowing zombies that attempt to explode when near you. You should be able to glimpse their name when your cursor is hovering over one. Kill these enemies with your flamethrower and one of them should drop the “Tempered Crystal Heart”. At this point, congratulate yourself, you’re a third of the way there.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Lead an Abomination to an Aetherium crystal to create the second crafting item

Abominations will spawn every few rounds throughout the map. These enemies resemble bulky, three-headed monsters and will occasionally let loose a stream of electricity towards your character. What you’ll want to do here is aggravate an Abomination into following you around the map until you can find an Aetherium crystal, those being the smaller, purple geodes typically found resting against a wall. Instead of destroying the Aetherium yourself, bait the Abomination into attacking it with their lightning stream. If they successfully hit their target you should be able to pick up an “Energetic Geode” in its place. This is the second, and hardest, ingredient to acquire.


Screenshot by GameSpot

Get ready for your next bout of combat in Jim’s Donut Shop, you’re almost done

By now, you should be well past the map’s second wave. Earlier in the game, you might have heard an announcement about an “unidentified anomaly” falling from the sky. This “anomaly” landed in Jim’s Donut Shop on Main Street. Head inside the building and attempt to interact with the fallen, glowing item in the middle of the room. This will spawn a few waves of enemies in an attempt to defend the crystal, though at this point you should be more than well equipped to handle them. Dispatch the enemies at your leisure and the shield around the item will drop, allowing you to obtain the “Polymorphic Crystal Core”. You now have all three items needed to complete the Chrysalax.


Screenshot by GameSpot

Head to the particle accelerator and craft your weapon

Next to the particle accelerator is an amplifier resembling a glass box filled with water. Place all of the items you received in the previous step in the amplifier and step back. Zombies will begin to flood the room. Do not kill them with your guns, instead engage them in melee. Once enough zombies have been killed in melee the amplifier will be fully charged, leaving the Chrysalax floating above it. Simply head over to the tub and you’ll be able to grab the final Wonder Weapon from there.

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