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Blair Witch: How To Command Bullet

Use your dog companion to your advantage.

by Dean James


Ellis would have probably never survived all by himself in the Black Hills Forest in Blair Witch, so thankfully he has his dog companion Bullet by his side to help him through the game. Not only does he help him mentally, but also plays a big role in the gameplay as you’re trying to find the missing boy Peter. Bullet has multiple commands that you can issue to him and this guide will go over how you can do so in Blair Witch.

While you can’t do it from the very first moment of the game, you will pretty quickly be able to issue commands to Bullet. First of all, you can press LB to call Bullet to you, which is required to issue a command. Then you can hold down LB on Xbox One, which brings up a command wheel that allows you to select from one of five options by using the right analog stick.

The bottom left command option is Stay, which is pretty self explanatory. If you want him to instead stay right by your side as you’ve moving, select Stay Close from the bottom right section. The upper left is Reprimand, which really you shouldn’t have to find yourself doing in the game at all. On the other side of the spectrum, the top right is the Pet option, which is always fun to do. Lastly, the top middle option is Seek, which you can use to try and figure out where you need to go.

Seek not only can have Bullet guide you in the right direction sometimes, but he can also use it to find objects and bring them to you as well. This is the most useful of the commands by far, which you should be trying to use throughout Blair Witch.

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