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Blair Witch: What to do and How to Leave the Abandoned Camp

Stuck wandering around the abandoned camp? Here's how to proceed.

by Kyle Hanson


Chapter 3 of Blair Witch is where the game really starts messing with your head, putting you into the shoes of the Witch’s many victims. You stumble upon an abandoned camp which seems to be tied directly to the missing 9 year old boy you’ve gone searching for. After collecting some evidence, including a camcorder and video tape, you might have gone off exploring the area only to find that you can’t leave. Here’s what to do and how to leave the abandoned camp in Blair Witch.

The answer is found on that video tape that you might have watched with impatience. The game popped a few messages there, but if you weren’t paying close enough attention, the mechanic might have escaped you. This video tape is how you can proceed in the game, finding the next clue on your search and escaping this camp that seems to have you perpetually trapped wandering the woods around Burkittsville, Maryland.

Play the tape while standing near camp to proceed, making sure to watch in the background as the display changes. At one point a toy police car is involved, lighting up and playing sounds. At this moment the police car will also appear in the “real world” where you currently are. By pausing and exiting the video while the police car is on the ground you can then go and pick it up. This is an important step on your path to finding the missing boy, so you must complete it if you want to leave the abandoned camp. Not doing so will just have you wandering the woods forever, always circling back to the camp itself.

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