Bloodborne Guide: Tips On How To Beat The Cleric Boss

by Damian Seeto

If you have picked up Bloodborne, chances are that you are having trouble playing the game. Bloodborne is a difficult game, even at the very beginning. The first boss that most people will encounter is the Cleric boss. We’re here to help you get pass this first boss.

It’s worth mentioning that you need to defeat the Cleric boss in order to unlock another save checkpoint. It’s very important you try and defeat this boss, or else you will be stuck at the very beginning of the game forever. I would also like to mention it took me several goes and hours to beat this boss. I’m sure it took me 5 or more tries until I found a technique that works. Patience and perseverance are needed in order to succeed in Bloodborne.

Before you go up the bridge to face the Cleric, I suggest you stock up on a lot of Molotov Cocktails and Blood Vials first. A lot of the enemies at the beginning of the game drop a lot of Blood Vials for you to pick up. You can hold up to 20 of these at a time. Blood Vials are important because they replenish your health.

As for Molotov Cocktails, you can buy them for 180 Blood Echoes. It’s best to collect Blood Echoes by killing as many enemies as you can at the beginning of the game. I spent hours trying to get Blood Vials and Molotov Cocktails in order to be ready to face the Cleric boss. Unlike Blood Vials, you can only hold up to 10 Molotov Cocktails at a time. It’s best to save up to at least 2000 Blood Echoes to spend them all on Molotov Cocktails.

After you have 20 Blood Vials and 10 Molotov Cocktails, then you are ready to face the Cleric. There’s not much room to fight because you are on a narrow bridge. Make sure not to be cornered by the beast because if you get stuck, he is likely to kill you off instantly. It’s best to keep at a mid-range distance from him. Also, I felt guns were useless against him. The weapon I used to defeat him was a “Saw Cleaver”.

First thing you need to do is press the “R3” button to lock on to the Cleric. After you have done that, press Square to throw your Molotov Cocktails at him. Be sure to just tap the Square button because if you hold it for too long, you might overthrow it and miss the beast. Chucking the Molotov Cocktails at his face or torso works perfectly. Molotov Cocktails usually does 148 points of damage to him.


After you have thrown three or four Molotov Cocktails at him, he will fall down to his knees. This is your chance to go up to his face and slice him like crazy. Your character will then stab his face and you will do at least 363 points of damage to him.

I suggest you keep throwing Molotov Cocktails at him and repeat this pattern. Just keep doing this until he falls to his knees again, and be sure to press Triangle to replenish your health constantly. The last thing you want to do is die, because you will then have to collect all the Blood Vials and Molotov Cocktails all over again. Trust me; I had to do this several times…

If you run out of Molotov Cocktails during the fight, don’t worry because at this point you should see that he only has one quarter of his life left. Just be sure to keep pressing Circle to dodge his attacks, and press Triangle to keep your own health bar full. You want to avoid getting grabbed by him. If you get grabbed by his hands, he will slam you to the ground and take a chunk of your life. Sometimes this will even kill you instantly.

At this point of the fight, just keep hacking and slashing at his feet and constantly press circle to dodge his attacks. The Saw Cleaver weapon I used usually takes off 100 or more points off of his life bar. Hacking multiple times at his feet and torso will eventually decrease his life bar rapidly. When you do this, he will eventually fall and a new save checkpoint will open up for you.

This is my own technique I came up with to defeat the Cleric. Feel free to comment below for any other advice you may have for defeating this boss.

- This article was updated on March 8th, 2018