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Boneworks – How to Unlock Sandbox Mode

You can unlock the mode with a secret in the first level.

by Diego Perez


Boneworks has an impressive physics engine to toy around with, but for some reason, the game’s sandbox mode is locked from the start. If you go into Boneworks blind, you’ll only be able to play the story mode. Thankfully, the sandbox mode is very easy to unlock. All you have to do is make a short trip through the game’s first level and find a secret along the way.

How to Unlock Sandbox Mode in Boneworks

Unlocking the sandbox in Boneworks is incredibly simple. From the main menu, start the very first level of the story. During the force grab tutorial where you have to throw items into either the red bin or the blue bin, toss everything into the blue “Archive” bin regardless of where the game tells you to put it. Everything has to end up in the blue bin or the secret passage you’re going to find later will not open up for you.

Once you’ve archived everything, put the battery in the socket and proceed through the level as normal. Make your way through the Museum of Technical Demonstration past most of the tutorials. Keep going until you reach the room where the game teaches you about weight and heavy items. Once you place something on the switch to open the door, exit the room into the hallway. If you see a sign with a tentacle in a mug, you’re on the right track.

Continue down this hallway and keep your eyes on the left wall. There will be a slightly off-colored panel with some text next to it that read “Archival Room Employees Only.” Push through this wall to reveal a secret room. Keep in mind, this wall will only budge if you threw everything into the blue bin earlier.

There’s a Boneworks box in the back corner. Pick up something heavy, like the nearby sledgehammer, and smash the box to reveal a module with a screen that reads “Museum Sandbox.” Take this module with you through the rest of the level until you come across the inventory tutorial area. There should be a Reclamation Bin here with the text  “Collect Them All” floating above it. Toss the module in there and finish the level. A Boneworks box should appear in the main menu room. Break it open to reveal the module, and put the module into the slot that reads “Sandbox_MTD” on your right. Sandbox mode should now be playable from the menu.

To recap, here’s everything you need to do to unlock Sandbox mode in Boneworks:

  1. Start the first level
  2. Toss everything into the blue “Archive” bin.
  3. Make your way through the level until you pass the weight tutorial
  4. Check the left wall for the secret “Archival Room” entrance.
  5. Break the box and take the module
  6. Throw the module in the Reclamation Bin in the inventory tutorial area
  7. Finish the level

- This article was updated on:December 13th, 2019

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