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Borderlands 3: Hemovorous the Invincible – Location and Loot

A new Raid Boss is upon us

by Victor Vellas


Borderlands 3 is no stranger to cool-looking, but tough Raid Bosses, and with the coming of its new DLC pack, Hemovorous the Invincible join the already great roster of insane fights. The new Raid Boss is pretty much a gigantic insectoid, which for some reason, has its name mispronounced very often. While the real name of this creature is as we mentioned, ‘Hemovorous’, the majority of Borderland 3’s community call it ‘Hemivorous’. While this fact is by itself odd, it doesn’t change how relentless this boss can be, and how hard the fight actually is on higher Mayhem levels. Let’s take a look to this brand new enemy, in detail.

Where to find Hemovorous the Invincible and what its drops are in Borderlands 3

Hemovorous the Invincible can be found on the beloved Pandora, in Ascension Bluff. For those that have been playing the game from the beginning, we are finally glad to announce that the area behind the locked door that was found there, and couldn’t be opened since the launch of the game, is now accessible. There were a ton of players that tried a lot of ways of getting past this door, with no success. Now, as it seems, we know why as this door led to something that would be included in the game with this Director’s Cut DLC.

Before you unlock that pathway though, you need to accept the “You. Will. Die. (Over and Over.)” quest. There will be an exclamation mark in Sanctuary, so just head there and interact with it. Accept the quest and head where the quest marker will show. Spoiler Alert: it’s the door.

Passing through, will take you to Darkthirst Dominion. You will need to pay 500 Eridium to continue further. The area inside can be explored further, if you want, but if you just follow the arrow, eventually you will fall down a hole and come face to face with the the horror called Hemovorous the Invincible.

Hemovorous the Invincible exclusive loot

As with any other Raid Boss, Hemovorous has a lot of items that can be dropped from him, of varied quality each. But, we all know that you are aiming for his exclusive, Legendary drops, so let’s take a look at them:

  • Atlas Replay – Legendary Pistol
  • Ionic Disruptor – Legendary Sniper
  • Ringer – Legendary Grenade
  • Vladof Company Man – Legendary Artifact

The drop rates for each of those items is somewhere around 25-35%, based on players’ finds up until now. The only one from these Legendaries the seems like a certain drop, again based on players’ data, is the Vladof Company Man. With a couple of runs though, you should be able to get hold of every exclusive Hemovorous can throw at you, depending on your Mayhem level of course. Get in there and start farming!

Borderlands 3 is available on PlayStation, Xbox, PC and Google Stadia. For more information about the game, make sure to check the official website.


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