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Borderlands 3 How to Abandon Quests, Quit Missions

While you can't abandon missions completely there are plenty of ways to get out of a quest.

by William Schwartz


There are plenty of times when you’ll want to abandon quests or quit missions in Borderlands 3.  Perhaps you need to collect some items that you’ve lost or purchase upgrades before continuing a mission.  Maybe you want to try your hand with some Golden Keys for better loot.  Whatever the reason, while you can’t actually abandon quests altogether you can travel back to your home base hub of Sanctuary at just about any time.

Fast travel away from mission areas

Fast travelling back to Sanctuary or fast travelling to anywhere on the map is pretty simple to do.  You simply open up the character menus and head to the map.  Backing out to Orbit view you can fast travel anywhere during a mission.  You will simply need to highlight a fast travel station and then hold the A Button or Cross Button to fast travel to that location.

If you just want to change the mission that you are currently tracking you can do that from the quest log screen and from the first person UI.  Simply head over to the mission log and scroll down to the mission that you want to track and press the A Button (Xbox) or the Cross Button (PlayStation) to change the mission you are currently tracking.  The mission you are tracking will always show up on the Galaxy, Planet, and Zone level with a blue diamond icon.

You can also cycle through your list of main missions and side mission in the first person UI by pressing left and right on the d-pad.

You can quit out of the game and load back into it quite quickly

In a last resort, whether you’re playing online or solo, if you really need to back out of a mission (and the game altogether) you can press the pause button and then scroll down to Quit Game which will bring you back to the main menu.  Restarting with the same character will spawn you back where you were originally though.

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