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Borderlands 3: How To Beat Shiv

Take down the first mini-boss in the game.

by Dean James


Borderlands 3 has tons of enemies for you to face off against throughout the game, some just grunts while others are mini-bosses and bosses. You will run into the first mini-boss not too far into the game and this guide will tell you how you can take him down.

Before facing off against Shiv, Claptrap will be guiding you and tell you how to find an equip a shield. This certainly will help in the battle against Shiv, though he’s still not too difficult overall.

Shiv’s main strategy is to just run right at you or try to knock you off your feet with one of his abilities. If you see Shiv running towards you, your best best is to try and jump out of the way, either to the side or over him.

If you see Shiv jump up and slam down to the ground from a distance, watch out for a quake coming your way on the ground. This means you will want to jump up to avoid the attack or take extra damage.

As far as dealing damage, Shiv is pretty basic in that department. Just take your gun of choice that you have so far and fire away. He does not have a great deal of health, so it shouldn’t take you too overly long to deplete him of his health and find yourself victorious.

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