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Borderlands 3: How to Change Characters

Each character has unique abilities and a unique save file to keep your progress.

by William Schwartz


Borderlands 3 functions somewhat similarly to the previous game in that you can create additional characters in different classes.  What you can’t do in Borderlands 3 is to switch characters while in the same game.  Each character that you create will have their own game file associated with it.

To change which character you are using you will need to be at the main menu for the game.  Once selecting the “Play” option from the main menu you will be prompted with the option to Continue your game with the last character you played with, start a new game, load a character or add a Splitscreen player.

What you’ll want to do is Load a character and all of your available characters will be listed to select from.  If you want to change your character, you’ll have to create a new character from this menu if you haven’t already. Press the X Button (Xbox) or Square Button (PlayStation) to create the new character.  You can then choose from the Operative, Siren, Beastmaster, or Gunner.  This character will need to play through the opening sequence of the game.

Anytime you want to switch, you will need to do it from here.  However, when you do switch characters, you will play from the point in the story that the character has progressed in the story.  If you want access to any of the four characters in Borderlands 3 for things like online co-op, you will need to have completed the tutorial for each character and have a save file created.

Whichever character you select at the main menu for the game will be the one that you will use in the

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