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Borderlands 3: How to Decipher Eridian Writing

These cryptic writings can be deciphered with the Eridian Analyzer

by William Schwartz


You will encounter your first Eridian writings that need to be deciphered pretty early on in the game.  Gearbox gives little clues about how or when you’ll be able to decipher the Eridian Writing.  If you’re a completionist your first instinct may be to look around in the area to find a way to decipher the text, but don’t do it. Before you go wasting too much time looking for a solution, we’re here to tell you that you’ll need to wait until much later in the game.

The Eridian Writing that you can decipher is one of the collectibles that you’ll need to backtrack to collect after progressing almost entirely through the game.  That’s right, while you’ll find these writing’s early on they will remain a mystery for almost the entire game.

Once you’ve progressed up to the point in the Borderlands 3 story you will get a special item that allows you to read the text.  The Eridian Analyzer is the item that you’ll want to keep an eye out for, but it’s a can’t miss item if you’re playing the main story quests.  Much like the Eridian Resonator in the first vault that is used for breaking purple Eridium Crystals, this item will be used to decipher these icons.

You will want to keep note of the Eridium Writing locations so that you can head back and decipher them later on.  Every time that you do decipher an Eridian Writing you will be rewarded with Eridium that can be used to purchase powerful weapons and gear from Crazy Earl.

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