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Borderlands 3: How To Emote

Communicate with your movements.

by Dean James


The original Borderlands helped to push the looter shooter genre to the forefront, with fans waiting for a new entry for years now. One of the most most popular aspects of these types of games are the ability to use emotes, so it’s no surprise that this is a part of Borderlands 3 as well. This guide will detail just how you can use the emotes in Borderlands 3.

Emotes are used a way to communicate with others without using audio chat or a text chat in gaming, with a variety of different emotes being available to choose from. Actually using these emotes, however, might not be so obviously as to how to pull it off.

To use an emote in Borderlands 3, you must hold down the Menu Button on Xbox One, or the Options button on PS4 and so on, which will bring up a menu showing your currently available emotes along with a couple other options. Just pressing this button will simply bring up the pause menu, so make sure to hold it down.

Four of the icons on the wheel that pops up should be your chosen emotes available, so just use the left analog stick to move to the one you want to use and press A. This will then pull off the selected emote and show it being done in a third-person perspective before reverting back to the first-person camera after it is done.

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