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Borderlands 3: How to Transfer Items Between Characters

Share items between characters by using the bank feature.

by William Schwartz


Loot that you find in Borderlands 3 can be transferred between different characters.  This means that things that you find in one playthrough of the game can be used in another, with a different character.  This is especially useful when you find items that are character specific, like mods for example, that you can’t use on your character but that you collect.

To transfer items between characters you will want to have reached Sanctuary with each of the characters you want to move items between.  On Sanctuary you will find a room with a piggy bank icon, this is where you will want to bank and stash your items.  The items in this bank can be shared between characters so not only can you store your valuable items that are maybe too high for your level, but you can also save items you might want to try with another character.

Once you’ve banked the items with one character you will want to switch to the character you want to transfer to.  Load back into Sanctuary, head to the bank and you’ll be able to access the items in the vault.

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