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Borderlands 3: Story Mission List

There are 23 main story missions in Borderlands 3

by William Schwartz


Borderlands 3 has a bunch of different types of content to explore.  There’s a lengthy series of main story missions, a ton of side missions, collectibles, challenges, and endless loot to discover.  However, if you’re just in it for the main story missions, you’ll find that there are 23 Chapters in Borderlands 3 at the end of which you will have beaten the game.

Starting with the Children of the Vault and ending at Divine Retribution you will assume the role of a vault hunter in the Crimson Raiders.  You will meet with characters from the previous Borderlands series and gallivant across the galaxy across the course of the story missions.

How long to beat Borderlands 3?

Below you’ll find a complete list of all the chapters story missions in Borderlands 3.  The estimated play through time for the story missions in Borderlands 3 is about 30 hours, but depending on whether you stick strictly to the main story missions or complete side objectives or hunt down collectibles or other items could extend that play time significantly.

Also, once the story is over you will be able to continue playing the game with a new ranking system unlocking once you’ve reached Level 50.

All Story Missions in Borderlands 3

Chapter 1 – Children of the Vault

Chapter 2 – From the Ground Up

Chapter 3 – Cult Following

Chapter 4 – Taking Flight

Chapter 5 – Sanctuary

Chapter 6 – Hostile Takeover

Chapter 7 – The Impending Storm

Chapter 8 – Space-Laser Tag

Chapter 9 – Atlas, At Last

Chapter 10 – Beneath the Meridian

Chapter 11 – Hammerlocked

Chapter 12 – Lair of the Harpy

Chapter 13 – The Guns of Reliance

Chapter 14 – The Family Jewel

Chapter 15 – Going Rogue

Chapter 16 – Cold as the Grave

Chapter 17 – Blood Drive

Chapter 18 – Angels and Speed Demons

Chapter 19 – The Great Vault

Chapter 20 – The First Vault Hunter

Chapter 21 – Footsteps of Giants

Chapter 22 – In the Shadow of Starlight

Chapter 23 – Divine Retribution

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