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Borderlands 3: Where to Sell Items and Get Money

Sell guns or other items at these vending machines.

by William Schwartz


In Borderlands 3 you’re going to get so much loot.  The guns, grenades, and shields that you find along your way will constantly be cycled in and out of your loadout as you find more powerful gear.  So what to do with all those items that might be clogging up your inventory?  You could drop them, but you don’t get anything from that.  Instead, what you’ll want to do is sell these items for cash.

Sell your guns or other items at these vending machines in Borderlands 3

Selling items in Borderlands 3 is done at specific vending machines found in the game.  There are multiple types of vending machines.  There are vending machines that sell guns (Yellow), some sell ammunition (Green),  Meds Machine (Orange) and there is also a Veteran Rewards machine (purple).  These machines can be found on the map and are represented by a colored icon with a $ sign on it.

The Green, Orange, and Yellow icons are vending machines that you can use to sell items as well as buy them.  Just head to any of these machines which can be found on the different planets you visit, as well as in Sanctuary and you’ll be able to sell any of the items that you want to get rid of to make space in your inventory.

Only need a loan?  Buy your items back from the vending machines as well

You will also be given the opportunity to buy back your weapons if you choose.  Once you’ve sold a weapon or item at a vending machine you can buy the item back as a new menu option will appear on the machine.  Tab over to the buy back option on the vending machine you sold the items to and you can purchase back the items.

There is no penalty to buying back items from a machine.  It will cost exactly the same amount as you sold it for.

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