BOTW Side Quest List: All Side Quests in Zelda Breath of the Wild

Here are all the sidequests in Zelda Breath of the Wild.

by Christian Bognar
The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild
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Zelda Breath of the Wild has an unreal amount of side quests for players to get lost in. Completionists have their work cut out for them, as there are 76 side quests throughout all the regions of Hyrule. It’s time to get busy as this guide will go over all the side quests in The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild.

All Side Quests in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Below we have categorized all the side quests in Zelda Breath of the Wild by their corresponding region along with the NPC and location that offers them.

Akkala Side Quests

  • A Parents Love (Ruli in Tarrey Town)
  • A Shady Customer (Hoz in East Akkala Stable)
  • Hobbies of the Rich (Hagie in Tarrey Town)
  • Little Sister’s Big Request (Jana in South Akkala Stable)

Central Side Quests

  • A Rare Find (Trott in Outskirt Stable)
  • A Royal Recipe (Gotter in Riverside Stable)
  • My Hero (Aliza in Outskirt Stable)
  • The Royal Gaurd’s Gear (Parcy in Riverside Stable)
  • The Royal White Stallion (Toffa in Outskirt Stable)

Dueling Peaks Side Quests

  • Arrows of Burning Heat (Rola in Kakariko Village)
  • By Firefly’s Light (Lasli in Kakariko Village)
  • Cooking with Koko (Koko in Kakariko Village)
  • Flown the Coop (Cado in Kakariko Village)
  • Koko’s Cuisine (Koko in Kakariko Village)
  • Koko’s Kitchen (Koko in Kakariko Village)
  • Koko’s Specialty (Koko in Kakariko Village)
  • Misko, the Great Bandit (Domidak in Dueling Peaks Stable)
  • Playtime with Cottla (Cottia in Kakariko Village)
  • The Priceless Maracas (Hestu in West Necluda)
  • Wild Horses (Rensa in Dueling Peaks Stable)

Eldin Side Quests

  • Death Mountain’s Secret (Dugby in Goron Hot Springs)
  • Fireproof Lizard Roundup (Kima in Southern Mine)
  • The Jewel Trade (Rameila in Goron City)
  • The Road to Respect (Fugo in Goron City)

Faron Side Quests

  • A Gift of Nightshade (Wabbin in Faron)
  • Sunken Treasure (Rozel in Lurelin Village)
  • Take Back the Sea (Sebasto in Lurelin Village)
  • Thunder Magnet (Cima in Lakeside Stable)
  • What’s for Dinner? (Kiana in Lurelin Village)

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Hateno Side Quests

  • A Gift for My Beloved (Manny in Hateno Village)
  • From the Ground Up (Hudson in Hateno Village)
  • Hylian Homeowner (Bolson in Hateno Village)
  • Robbie’s Research (Purah in Hateno Ancient Tech Lab)
  • Slated for Upgrades (Purah in Hateno Ancient Tech Lab)
  • Sunshroom Sensing (Symin in Hateno Ancient Tech Lab)
  • The Hero’s Cache (Kass in Kitano Bay)
  • The Sheep Rustlers (Koyin in Hateno Village)
  • The Statue’s Bargain (Horned Statue in Hateno Village)
  • The Weapon Connoisseur (Nebb in Hateno Village)

Hebra Side Quests

  • Stalhorse: Pictured! (Juannelle in Snowfield Stable)

Lanayru Side Quests

  • A Wife Washed Away (Fronk in Zora’s Domain)
  • Diving is Beauty! (Gruve in Zora’s Domain)
  • Frog Catching (Tumbo in Zora’s Domain)
  • Luminous Stone Gathering (Ledo in Zora’s Domain)
  • Lynel Safari (Laflat in Zora’s Domain)
  • Riverbed Reward (Izra in Wetland Stable)
  • Special Delivery (Finley in Bank of Wishes)
  • The Giant of Rails Pond (Torfeau in Zora’s Domain)
  • Zora Stone Monuments (Jiahto in Zora’s Domain)

Lake Side Quests

  • Hunt for the Giant Horse (Straia in Mounted Archery Camp)
  • The Horseback Hoodlums (Perosa in Highland Stable)

Ridgeland Side Quests

  • A Gift for the Great Fairy (Toren in Tabantha Bridge Stable)

Tabantha Side Quests

  • Curry for What Ails You (Lester in Rito Stable)
  • Face the Frost Talus (Gesane in Rito Village)
  • Find Kheel (Amali in Rito Village)
  • The Apple of My Eye (Juney in Rito Village)
  • The Spark of Romance (Jogo in Rito Village)

Wasteland Side Quests

  • An Ice Guy (Guy in Kara Kara Bazaar)
  • Good-Sized Horse (Zyle in Gerudo Canyon)
  • Medicinal Molduga (Malena in Gerudo Town)
  • Missing in Action (Sesami in Gerudo Canyon Stable)
  • Rushroom Rush! (Pirou in Gerudo Canyon Stable)
  • The Eighth Heroine (Bozai in Gerudo Desert)
  • The Forgotten Sword (Bozai in Gerudo Desert)
  • The Mystery Polluter (Dalia in Gerudo Town)
  • The Search for Batra (Liana in Gerudo Town)
  • The Secret Club’s Secret (Greta in Gerudo Town)
  • The Thunder Helm (Riju in Gerudo Town)
  • Tools of the Trade (Isha in Gerudo Town)

Woodland Side Quests

  • A Freezing Rod (Kula in Great Hyrule Forest)
  • A Gift from the Monks (Monk in Ancient Shrine)
  • Balloon Flight (Shamae in Woodland Stable)
  • Legendary Rabbit Trial (Peeks in Great Hyrule Forest)
  • Leviathan Bones (Akrah in Serenne Stable)
  • Riddles of Hyrule (Walton in Great Hyrule Forest)
  • The Korok Trials (Chio in Great Hyrule Forest)

As you tackle all of these side quests, you’ll need a way to travel faster. There are a couple of ways to do this, such as getting the motorcycle or learning how to shield jump. Also, make sure you use the fast-travel system by using the towers you unlock along your journey.

- This article was updated on July 31st, 2023

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