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Bravely Default 2 Black Mage Job Weapon – How to Earn the Leviathan Staff

Beat the Halls of Tribulation I to earn this arcane staff.

by Brandon Adams


The Bravely Default 2 Black Mage Job weapon – The Leviathan staff – will allow you to use all the Black Mage’s passive abilities without manually equipping them, providing you new and exciting ways to break the game. It’ll take some work and a whole lot of grinding to grab, however, and you’ll need to reach Chapter 6 before you can even consider laying your hand on this eldritch staff.

How to earn the Bravely Default 2 Black Mage Job weapon – The Leviathan

The Black Mage Job weapon in Bravely Default 2 – The Leviathan – is a drop within the Halls of Tribulation I trial, which you can locate alongside the other trial gates in our guide here. You have to beat Sir Sloan (Bravebearer), Lady Emma (Black Mage), and Lonsdale (Bastion) in a tense battle for a chance to grab the Leviathan.

This is a tricky battle. Each boss will have access to their full compliment of abilities, and they will actively assist one another, making the fight a genuine challenge no matter the difficulty. Realistically, you’ll want to be level 70 or higher with most Jobs leveled to 8 or more to stand a chance. The Hall of Tribulation I trial is accessible immediately after entering Chapter 6, but you may have to grind for a few hours to reach those plateaus.

The Leviathan has a chance to drop at the end of the fight, and is considered a normal drop. The Giant JP Orbs are rare drops in this battle, so if you have the Gambler passive ability Rare Talent equipped you may want to disable it better your odds for the Black Mage Job weapon.

The Leviathan may be the Black Mage Job weapon in Bravely Default 2, but you don’t have to be a Black Mage to use it. No matter what Jobs you are currently running, any character that has this Job weapon equipped will automatically equip all of the Black Mage’s passive abilities. Like other Job weapons, the Leviathan allows you to truly break Bravely Default 2 in creative new ways. Be sure to check out our Black Mage Job guide to learn more about each of the passives on offer.

Bravely Default 2 is available now on the Nintendo Switch.

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