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Bravely Default 2: Hopping Mad Side Quest Guide

Help a boy gain revenge on some mean ole rabbits.

by Brandon Adams


In the Hopping Mad quest in Bravely Default 2 you need to slay four Lop-Eared Badbitts for a boy in Wizwald. This quest is available shortly after speaking to Roddy in Chapter 2.

Bravely Default 2 Hopping Mad Walkthrough

After your fight with Galahad and your conversation with Roddy you will unlock access to Hopping Mad in Bravely Default 2. Head towards the entrance of Wizwald and speak with the boy on the left to start the quest.

Hopping Mad is a 4-star difficulty quest, and shouldn’t be an issue if you are level 18 or higher. You will get a Courage Ring for your efforts, which is a solid accessory for any of your characters thanks to its high resistance.

After grabbing the quest head outside Wizwald and look for the rabbits hopping around to the south (beyond the trees). Like previous kill quests in Bravely Default 2 you need to kill four Lop-Eared Badbitts in combat; not pull four Badbitts.

Lop-Eared Badbitts are not the worse foes you’ve faced, but they pack a mean bite. They tend to fight alongside Simurgh, Paraponera, and Vest Pests.

  • Lop-Eared Badbitt (Beast): weak to Daggers, Bows, Water, and Wind.
    • Will Blind with Bite.
  • Simurgh (Beast): weak to Wind, Swords, and Bows.
  • Vest Pests (Insect): weak to Lightning, Wind, Spears, Bows.
    • Will cast Poison on the party.
  • Paraponera (Insect): weak to Fire, Daggers, Spears. Takes half damage from Earth and Darkness.

Once you’ve slain four or more Lop-Eared Badbitts return to Wizwald and speak with the boy to complete Hopping Mad and to grab your Courage Ring. This accessory will make the wearer immune to the Dread ailment, and it will bolster their Resistance Power by 5 points. Not a terrible piece of equipment to have on hand, especially later in the game.

Bravely Default 2 is available now on the Nintendo Switch.

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