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Bravely Default 2: How to Fast Travel

A staple feature in RPGs which makes its return.

by Victor Vellas


RPGs are famous for their giant overworlds and multitudes of places to find and visit, and Bravely Default 2 follows the same route, as you would expect. From unique woodlike towns to expansive deserts and more, this lovely IP sure brings a lot of interesting places on the table. Finding them once is a nice feeling indeed, but what if we have progressed that far into the game, and we want to come back to an older one for a side quest or simply for pleasure? This is where the Fast Travel system comes in handy, and is easily unlocked in this game.

How to Fast Travel

Right when you are done with the Prologue and reach the game’s first Chapter, you will be able to see an NPC with a carriage icon above his head, right next to the entrance of Savalon. By interacting with him, he will be able to send you to Halcyonia for free.

This step will pretty much unlock the Fast Travel system within the game, and anytime you visit a new town or place, it will be registered in the list of fast traveling options. Like in Savalon, there will be a certain NPC with that same icon, ready to send you anywhere you wish. The process is free as well, so don’t hesitate to go back and forth to complete any errands.

Bravely default 2 is exclusively available on the Nintendo Switch.


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