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Bravely Default 2 – How to Set Abilities

Choose from a huge variety of different abilities, both passive and active.

by Victor Vellas


There is a great number of Jobs in Bravely Default 2 and of course an even bigger amount of Abilities you can Set to your characters. As you level up your Jobs, you will unlock more and more of them reaching a point where you will have dozens, if not hundreds of them to choose from. Unfortunately, you can only set to your characters a limited amount of them, for keeping them as balanced as it gets. Let’s take a look how you can do this.

How to Set Abilities, both passive and active

You start out with a few available Jobs and Abilities alike, but as time goes by and you dwell further into the world of Bravely Default 2, you are overflooded with different passive and active Abilities. If you didn’t know already, let me tell you that you can use Abilities from every Job you have unlocked up to that point, as long as you have it leveled up a fair bit to unlock that certain Ability.

For example, you can set your Main Job to White Mage, but you can still set the ‘Pain into Gain’ Ability from the Vanguard tree as active. The only requirement is to have it unlocked, by having the Vanguard Job at the level it’s needed.

With that said, let us go to our main topic. How to actually Set those Abilities. Start by going to the ‘Abilities’ tab from the menu, which is self-explanatory. From there, you can click L or R to change between desired characters to set Abilities to. After choosing the one you want, you’ll see a small list with five slots, at the bottom left. Click ‘A’ to any of those slots, and you will be able to choose any unlocked Ability that specific character has. The full list of unlocked Abilities will be shown at the top right menu, so scroll left and right to choose a Job and its respective Ability tree, and click ‘A’ again. Doing so, will enable that skill for that person, usable with any combination of main and secondary Jobs equipped.

After you applied a Set Ability, by looking again on the bottom left list, you will notice a certain number at the right side of the name of that set skill. That indicates the ‘Cost’ of each Ability. The cost shows how many slots that Ability will occupy. In result, this means that you won’t necessarily have 5 Abilities enabled, but rather skills that have a total cost of 5. While this can limit your choices, there is still a huge amount of combinations you can do and create a perfectly unique Job.

Bravely Default 2 is set to release on February 26, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.


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