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Bravely Default 2 Walkthrough: Chapter 2 Part 3 – The Wiswald Woods

Don't get lost in this labyrinthian forest.

by Brandon Adams


You’ve beaten some sense into Roddy, but now you need to do the same for Lily in Part 3 of our Bravely Default Chapter 2 Walkthrough. There’s clearly something controlling the minds of the townsfolk, and you need to visit Lily in Part 3 of our to get to figure out what.

Since Bravely Default 2 is a narrative-heavy game, I will try to keep all further spoilers to a minimum. Cutscene details will be scarce, and characters will only be named as required. Additionally, this walkthrough will follow a checklist format to keep things short and concise.

I will list monsters encountered along the critical path (to include their weaknesses), and treasure chests (as well as what they contain). Enemies and bosses are natural but necessary spoilers, so I’ll go ahead and tag this article with a mild spoiler warning here, and I will precede every boss with a more obvious spoiler warning.

Bravely Default 2 Chapter 2 Part 3 Walkthrough

Wiswald Woods

  • Leave Wiswald and head north. Hug the cliff on your left (if your camera is facing north) to reach the Wiswald Woods.
    • A cutscene will play, and another after you walk in a bit. You’ll learn a bit about the dungeon, then be free to explore.
  • The Wiswald Woods is a right proper maze, full of beasties and treasure. If you are at least level 22 and Job level 6 on your main Jobs you should be fine.
  • The Wiswald Woods has a good number of monsters roaming about, to include Petunias, Mossy Fungoo, Orc Chieftains, Ahura, and Ogres.
    • Petunias (Plant) are weak to Wind, Daggers, and Swords. Absorb Water, Earth, and Light.
      • Can Silence your team.
    • Mossy Fungoo (Plant) are weak to Fire, Wind, Swords, and Staves. Absorb Water and Earth.
      • Can spawn more of themselves.
    • Orc Chieftains (Humanoid) are weak to Lightning, Earth, and Bows.
    • Ahura (Demon) are weak to Axes, Bows, Wind, and Light. Immune to Darkness.
    • Ogres (Humanoid) are weak to Earth, Light, Swords, and Spears.


  • There are 9 chests in the Wiswald Woods.
    • The left path at the entrance has nothing of interest, but is useful for grinding. That aside, head up to find the first chest. When you reach the area that breaks out into multiple paths stick to the left-most route. Follow it for 4x Mini Ether.
    • Before taking the left path (which is the correct one for progressing in the dungeon) go to the bottom-left path and follow it all the way to the end, where chest number two rests at the top lip. Three Petunias and two Mossy Fungoo will pop out of it. Kill them for a Hawkeye axe.
    • The third chest is in the other direction. Return to the crossroads and go right until you see a corridor at the top-right. Follow this till it heads down, then cross the river. Look down a bit further ahead to see a path hidden in tall grass. Head down then to the right to grab chest three (1760 pg).
    • Return to the main path (the one you wandered off of into the hidden one) and head right then up at the split. Take the first left you see and follow it to chest four. Four Mossy Fungoo will appear from it, so slay them to grab a Medium JP Orb.
    • Head back to the upwards path and continue up. You’ll see a Dungeon Portal and a save point (I suggest you at least save). Go down the route on the right to the fifth chest (5x Throwing Axe).
    • Return to the save point and head down the top-left path. Continue onward until you cross the log bridge. From here keep going left, even if you see the hidden shortcut above. Keep left until the path loops up, then take the second hidden route up after turning right for chest six (Mythril Bangle).
    • Head back down and keep on going right for chest seven (3x Plant Food).
    • Continue right across the second log bridge and take the upper route for chests eight and nine (Rune Staff and 4x Ether).
  • Head back to the second log bridge after gathering the last two chests, then head down and around while hugging the right wall until you reach the last save point.
    • Definitely save at this one, and use a tent if you are low on HP and MP.
  • Move ahead to trigger a cutscene, then move further ahead to start a second cutscene and actually jump into the Wiswald Woods boss battle.



Lily (Ranger)

We have a full boss guide for the Lily battle in Bravely Default 2 here, but to summarize:

  • Lily: 21591 Health, and is weak to Thunder, Light, Swords, and Staves. Takes half damage from Dark, Wind, Daggers, and Bows.
    • Picto-Amrita: 15680 Health, and is weak to Light, Staff, Spear. Immune to Fire, Water, Lightning, Earth, Wind, Darkness.
  • Lily and the Picto-Amrita specialize in physical attacks, so use Protect and/or the Bard’s Don’t Let ‘Em Get to You to mitigate their damage.
    • The Picto-Amrita’s Loathsome Lunge is a powerful strike, so if you see it stocking up on BP be ready to use Default, lest it wipes you out in a single flurry.
  • Lily loves to stack Paralyze, and her attacks deal bonus damage to those inflicted by it. Either equip items that negate Paralyze, or have your White Mage use Basuna to purge it.
  • Lily counters Savagery attacks, so Berserkers won’t do you much good here (passives aside).
  • This is an otherwise easy fight: pummel the Picto-Amrita with physical attacks until it’s dead, then unleash hell on Lily.
    • Equip a Vanguard with Neo Cross Slash with a sword for even more damage.

Bravely Default Chapter 2 Part 3 Walkthrough Finale

After you defeat Lily and restore her sanity you’ll unlock the Ranger Job in Bravely Default 2. A cutscene will play in which you’ll learn more about the plight that’s befallen Wisward. Turns out the Earth Crystal is in the tower Galahad blocked you from entering.

It’s time to take the fight to the tower and to see who’s behind all the troubles in Wisward. Lily will join your party alongside Roddy, and you’re now set to return to Wisward and to take on Galahad once again.

Part 4 of the Chapter 2 Bravely Default walkthrough will see you to penultimate dungeon within this particular arc, which you can jump to via the link here.

Bravely Default 2 is now available on the Nintendo Switch.

- This article was updated on:March 3rd, 2021

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