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Bravely Default 2: How to Unlock Ranger Job

Grab your bow and arrows with the Ranger Job Asterisk.

by Victor Vellas


If you want a Job in Bravely Default 2 that is as simple as it gets, look no further than the Ranger. Equipped with a bow and arrows, or occasionally with Daggers, the Ranger Job has only one goal. To cause as much damage as it can, fast and efficiently. This pretty much describes the whole purpose of the specific class, and rest assured it is going to be a great addition for your physical builds. Let us see how you can unlock it.

How to get the Ranger Asterisk

After getting past Chapter 2’s first Boss, Roddy the Red Mage, You are needed to visit Wiswald Woods. A maze-like wooded area, that homes certain plant creatures and mystical critters. There, there is another brainwashed person that awaits you, Lily. Acquainted with Elvis too, she is also under the influence of a curtain ‘curse’.

In order to find her, you first need to traverse through the many corridors of the lush forest, which can be easy to do with a little backtracking. If you happen to be of a certain level, monsters in this area will flee from you, so the process will be very easy. If not, make sure to have some AOE attacks ready to get rid of them in seconds and keep going your way.


Getting deeper into the woods, you will eventually find Lily who is completely out of her mind, controlled by someone unknown at that time. Interact with her, and the Boss fight will commence, starting the 2nd Boss fight of Chapter 2. Lily is tough, but not an actual hard Boss fight, so make sure to take a look at our guide here to see how you can knock her out easily. After doing so, Lily drops the Ranger Asterisk and it is now yours, unlocking of course the Ranger Job.

Rangers are simple beings. They grab a bow and start attacking. Having ‘S’ rank on Bows, with every other weapon at ‘B’ and below, you can guess you will be mostly using the ranged option. Great at exploiting monster weaknesses, rest assured you can’t go wrong with this Job. Although a bit boring in comparison to some others, very solid nevertheless. Grab your quiver and let’s head to our next destination, which is the Treetop Tower.

Bravely default 2 is exclusively available on the Nintendo Switch.

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