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Bravely Second Guide: All Catmancer Skills / Mastery And How To Get Them

by Mike Guarino


The Catmancer job in Bravely Second works similarly to how the Vampire job did in Bravely Default, as you have to be hit by an enemy with a particular skill to learn it. However, unlike the Vampire job, Cat skills require an item in order for them to be performed. Scroll down for a complete list of Cat Skills and Mastery, the items required and where to find them.

Cat Skills

Blood Leech (Beast Flesh) – Bullet Ant in Harena Seacaves (Chapter 5 and later) Shooterbugs in Geyser Grottos (Chapter 5 and later)

Spirit Leech (Roc Filet) – Shooterbugs in Geyser Grottos (Chapter 5 and later)

Chomp (Beast Flesh) – Valtora in Eisen Region (Before Chapter 5)

Perforator (Cat Feather) – Iron Man (II) A-Type in Grand Mill Works (Before Chapter 5) & Dimension’s Keep (Post game)

Mass Attack (Roc Filet) – Orc Lord in Mythril Mines (Chapter 5 and later) Bone Knight in Grapp Keep (Before Chapter 5) or Dimension’s Cauldron (Post game)

Wing Scales (Leviathan Sashimi) – Great Moth in Miasma Woods (Before Chapter 5) & Dimension’s Hollow (Post game) Poison Moth in Florem Region (Before Chapter 5)

White Wind (Cat Feather) – Aqua Lantern in Twilight Ruins or Dimension’s Hollow (Post game) Aero Lantern in Dimension’s Cauldron (Post game)

Panzerlied (Dragon Steak) – Iron Man (II) B-Type in Grand Mill Works (Before Chapter 5) & Dimension’s Keep (Post game)

Book Burning (Rare Cheese) – Flare Lantern in Eisen Region (Before Chapter 5)

Spray (Dried Remora) – Deathfish, Marine Devil in Open Sea (Before Chapter 5) Remora in Dimension’s Hollow (Post game)

Sonic Beam (Monoceros Flake) – Anzu in Ba’al Crater (Any chapter)
Chimera in Sagitta Ruins (Before Chapter 5)

Rock Storm (Tender Victuals) – Megascolides in Eternia Region (Chapter 5 or later)

Stardust (Catnip) – Reguli in Mythril Mines (Chapter 5 or later)

Cat Mastery

Vigor Tonic (Demon Meat, Catnip) – Medic Van in Stark Fort (Before Chapter 5)

R.I.P. (Roc Filet, Catnip) – Hamadryad in Florem Garden (Chapter 5 and later)

Slugger (Leviathan, Sashimi, Catnip) – Gargantua in Celestial Road (Chapter 6)

Death Spiral (Cat Feather, Catnip) – White Queen in Geneolgia Mausoleum(Chapter 5 and later)

Battle Royale (Dragon, Steak, Catnip) – Bahamut Monk in Celestial Road (Chapter 6)

Dragonlord Strike (Rare Cheese, Catnip) – Bahamut Monk in Celestial Road (Chapter 6)

Bone Crush (Dried Remora, Catnip) – Skull Lancer in Grapp Keep (Before Chapter 5)

Electrolysis (Monoceros Flake, Catnip) – Ba’al III: Tube (Street Pass)

That wraps up our guide on the Catmancer skills and mastery, but be sure to check out our other Bravely Second guides for even more help with the game.

- This article was updated on:April 17th, 2017

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