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Brawl Stars – Best Teams for the New Duo Challenge

Earn the FREE Warrior Bo skin, in this new Duo Challenge!

by Victor Vellas


Brawl Star‘s new Duo Challenge goes live tomorrow, and amongst other goodies and rewards, it offers for FREE, the Warrior Bo Skin. That is of course, if you are able to win your way to it. It is certain that there will be lots and lots of skilled players participating, taking a shot at obtaining this awesome reward, making it a great chance for us to present you some strong teams, which you can use to increase your chances of successfully getting it.

Teamwork will be the key to success, so call your friends. You’ll need them.

There are currently 43 Brawlers to choose from, in this vast roster of quirky characters, and more are being added on a frequent basis. This means that the possible team combinations are literally hundreds, making it really hard to find the one that will fit best the maps of this Challenge. With that said though, there are certain Brawlers and teams that work exceptionally well, in any condition. Some tweaks may be needed here and there, depending on the map, as we mentioned, but in general the ones that will be included below are a solid choice nevertheless.

Additionally, it needs to be noted down that the Star Power and Gadgets of each Brawler, have to be changed accordingly to fit the current setup. Don’t be afraid to experiment with ones that may not be as strong as if you were playing solo, since they may shine in a team environment.

The final tip, before we proceed with our suggestions, would be to try and play in this new Challenge with a friend. The “Look for a team” feature does work well enough, however it is not suggested for important Events like this one. Playing with random players around the work, can also do the trick, but it is quite risky. It is almost certain that the Challenge will have a limited amount of losses, before you are forbidden to enter it again, and playing with randoms lowers the chances of succeeding in this Event.

A friend knows better your playstyle, and vice versa, and you can communicate while being in the match. This way you will both be able to plan ahead, or act fast when occasion calls for it. In any case, everyone can choose their own way of dealing with the Challenge, but it is advised to play with a partner. It is also much more fun, so don’t forget that.

Now, let us go through the suggested teams.

Nita and Amber


To be fair, those two Brawlers could fit any team combination, really, with Nita being the pillar of it. Their kits work so well with almost any other member of the roster, so putting them together is the icing on the cake. This is also the reason why I will try to avoid using them in any other setup, as there are equally strong teams in the game.

Nita is the definition of a balanced Brawler, with her Super being summoning her trusty friend, Big Baby Bear. That’s it, in a matter of seconds, your enemies have 3 members in a team to deal with, instead of two, and Nita’s Star Powers further enhance that Bear, so it’s a constant threat never to be underestimated. Combine it with Nita’s normal attack, which has a short cooldown and is wide shockwave, able to attack multiple enemies, those two alone can threaten everyone out there.

Amber on the other hand, is all about damage, and can take advantage of the whole situation, burning you to a crisp with her flames, while you are trying to escape from the rest of the team. Her Star Powers and Gadget can greatly increase her DPS, if used correctly, making this team a complete nightmare to deal with.

Bo and Carl


A team frequently used even from veterans of the game, Bo and Carl synergize with each other so well, ending up making them a solid combination. I’d call them a ‘control’ team, due to how well they can keep foes away, or close depending on the situation, with their skills.

Bo can dish out big numbers of damage really fast, especially if the one using him can predict enemy movement. His normal attack spreads in one direction, while the animation is still on going, so knowing where the enemy Brawler will go next, is vital. The rest of his kit compliments this function so well, since he plants ranged mines with his Super. This way he can force enemies to try and avoid them, taking advantage of this to plan his normal arrows. His Gadgets and Star Powers, are mostly on the utility side of things, so choosing them depends on the current setup, team member and map.

Carl compliments this playstyle even further, with his ‘boomerang’ like attack, covering a much needed space. Bo can even use his arrows or mines to ‘scout’ the area, stunning the enemies with the latter (with his “Snare a Bear” Star Power) for Carl to jump in with his own Super, which turns him into a whirlwind of death. Literally. Any Brawlers caught within this synchro attack, are 100% done for. It does require good timing though, hence why playing with a person you can communicate with, is a must.

Darryl and Piper/ Bea


Another fan favorite, Darryl and Piper are a solid combo to use, with not much to be said. Bea can be used as an alternative, due to how much she can support Darryl with her innate slow to her attacks, however she lacks the survivability Piper has. Eventually Darryl will reach a point where he won’t be able to act as a shield for his teammate, hence why Piper’s Super makes her the preferable choice.

Darryl is simple. He is a strong close range Brawler, being able to take loads of hits and deal them back respectively. His Super can be utilized in so many ways though, from chasing down enemies, to escaping with a fraction of his life. Also, this is the reason why Darryl can be really unpredictable sometimes, making him a tough opponent to crack, with his Star Powers and Gadget adding up to this.

Piper is even simpler than Darryl, with her gameplay being “aim well, hit hard”. Her gimmick is that the further away she is from her target, the stronger her shot gets, able to even 1-2 shot slightly damaged Brawlers. Her Super makes her jump in the sky, avoiding anything that comes her way, while laying down some bombs, which can surprisingly act as a lethal move more often than you think. Together those two can deal in all kind of situations, covering both long and short range.

Sandy and Lou


Probably one of my personal favorites, and the most bizarre in this list. What this duo lacks in combat prowess, completely compensates with its utility.

Sandy is a sleepy boy, but don’t let that fool you from his almost disgustingly good usage in the field. His normal attacks are nothing to brag about, but in conjunction with his Super and Lou’s help, he becomes a complete package and tool for success. He can make both him and his partner invisible for 9 whole seconds, which can be the reason why a fight is won, or an escape is completed successfully. Additionally, his Star Powers either make him an aggressive threat, or a full supporter with an AOE healing that lasts for as long as Sandstorm is active.

Lou. What can someone say about this literally ‘chill’ dude. His is one of the newest additions to Brawl Stars, however he has proven himself as a big threat already. Not only that, he has one of the most unique kits in the game, focusing on slowing down opponents and freezing them. While he may be handling the most damage output of the team, he is actually a support unit like Sandy. Combining them together though, can be devastating to any team with their constant back up for each other. His “Can-Do” Super makes the floor slippery, controlling enemy movement, and his normal attack can also freeze enemies for 1.0 second. If any of the Star Powers is active, Lou gains additional boons like being able to reduce their reload times, or freeze them with his Super as well. A literal powerhouse in regards to sabotaging enemy teams, so never underestimate this so called, ‘cool’ guy!

Honorable mentions

I’ll be wrapping up this guide with some honorable mentions, with some other exceptional Brawlers for this Duo Challenge. As we previously mentioned, since there are 43 characters in game, it would be unfair to exclude all others from a spot in top teams, especially when there are multiple maps that could be showcased. Here are some of them:

  • Byron
  • Sprout
  • Emz
  • Gene
  • Penny
  • Jessie
  • Jacky
  • Spike
  • Brock
  • Poco

Throwing in teams these names here,  is also as good as the ones mentioned in the beginning of the article, but simply not as dominant. Now that said, a player’s skill is equal to the choice of Brawler someone can make, so take in consideration that many different aspects can affect a team’s performance. Make sure to plan ahead with your partner, and decide on a team that you can both compliment accordingly.

The new Duo Challenge starts tomorrow, so make sure to give it your best to earn the grand reward, Warrior Bo. Hopefully this brief guide gave you all some insight and ideas for setting up your teams, so good luck and brawl on!

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