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Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Operation Amber Sky – All Rewards

by Joshua Garibay


Ghost Recon Breakpoint is hosting another in-game event and that means there are several new rewards to obtain before the timed content concludes. Operation Amber Sky will be available from January 21st to February 1st, meaning there isn’t an excessive amount of time to obtain the items on offer. Fortunately, clearing out the rewards track won’t take much out of a given day, should you choose to power through in a single sitting.

Operation Amber Sky contains 11 rewards, which is comprised of the following: 3 costumers, 7 new weapons, and one weapon attachment. Here, we break down what you can add to your loadout through the latest content drop.

All Operation Amber Sky Rewards

To get started, activate the Hazardous Material Event Mission via the radio in Erewhon. Completion of the subsequent missions will progress the rewards track.


  • Ash
  • Finka
  • Thatcher


  • 4-AC: Versatile AR-15 type carbine. Effective in most combat situations. High recoil drawback.
  • M590A1: Highly reliable pump action shotgun. Lower rate of fire, greater power.
  • OTS-03: Modernized Dragunov. Better handling and mobility, less range.
  • G2: Iconic bullpup with highest rate of fire in class.
  • L85A2-C: Lightest in class, converted ASR, damage trade-off.
  • Bailiff 410: Revolver style shotgun with 5 shots. High damage, very low range.
  • K1A: Korean made 5.56 carbine. Good range, harder to control.


  • Underbarrel Shotgun: Mounted magazine fed shotgun
    • Unlocked by unlocking all other rewards

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