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Cadence of Hyrule How to Get Gears

Look for the buildings with the green banners.

by William Schwartz


Cadence of Hyrule gives players plenty of puzzles to complete if they want to progress.  One such puzzle is in the Garudo Ruins where you’ll come to a dead end that requires you find gears to lower a bridge.  This guide will explain where you need to go to get the three gears to lower the bridge and what happens once you do lower the bridge.

Thankfully, the gears are close by.  If you look at the image above, you’re looking for entrances like this one with the green banner hanging over the entry way.  There are three of these in this small area and the gears are inside.  Sometimes the entries will be hidden so you may need to use a shovel to dig to reach them.  Once inside you will need to deal with enemies or solve puzzles to get the gears out of the chests they are in.


Once you’ve got the three Gears you can head back to the person at the bridge in the main building and they’ll joke that it will cost you rupees to proceed.  She’ll lower the bridge and you will have access to a new dungeon area.

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