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Call of Duty Blackout — How to Get Blackjack Stash Weapons

These rare stashes contain powerful weapons.


The Blackjack Stash has been added to Call of Duty’s Blackout Battle Royale Mode and it’s a new feature found in LTMs that functions similarly to a weapon locker.  These stashes contain all of the weapons that you’ve unlocked through the contraband stream or unlocked through reserve crates in the Black Market.   This includes weapons like the Daemon, Switchblade, Rampage, Peacekeeper, Vendetta and others.

So what you’ll need to do to get these weapons is to find one of Blackjack Stashes on the map.  These stashes are only available in certain modes and they are randomly placed on the map.  If you are playing in standard Solo, Duos, or Quads playlists you will not find any of these stashes.  If you are in a Limited Time Mode in Blackout, you will be able to get these weapons though if you find one of the crates that looks like the one in the image above.

The Blackjack Stash functions similarly to one of the green supply crates normally found in Blackout, but it contains a variety of weapons that you’ve unlocked.  The stash itself is a unique box that can only be opened one time.  When you find these green boxes that look like the one in the image above, you’ll be able to open it and select which weapons you want out of it.

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