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Call of Duty Blackout How to Get Suppressor

This perk will help you stay silent.

by William Schwartz


Putting a suppressor on your gun in Call of Duty Blackout is one of the safest ways to keep a low profile in the Battle Royale game.  A gun with a suppressor on it will allow you to take shots at your enemies without giving away your exact location to other players.

So how do you find this powerful item?  The suppressor in Blackout can be found in numerous places throughout the map.  The suppressor attachment can be found on the ground as a random drop, it can be found already equipped to powerful weapon variants, and it can also be found in supply caches or in Supply Drops.  Last but not least, the suppressor attachment can be found enemy remains after they’ve been killed.

Unfortunately there isn’t one exact place to look for a suppressor in Blackout.  It’s usually going to come down to luck of the draw and how good you are at scavenging items from different locations.  To help, you can use the Looter Perk.  This perk will allow you to do two things.  1) It will allow you to see if a building has been looted already or not.  2) It will allow you to see what items are in a room by showing you a white outline of the items.  The suppressor attachment looks like a long tube when you see it on the ground or in a supply cache.

The suppressor itself can only be equipped on certain weapons.  If you have a weapon that can be equipped with a silencer, you can automatically equip it to your gun or put it in your inventory.

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