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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – How to Play Night Maps and Night Modes

Private Match is currently the only way to play them.

by William Schwartz


Modern Warfare has a robust set of night maps which allow you to change up the way the game plays by having everyone run around with night vision goggles on.  While you can still play night modes and matches in the game via Public Matches, Infinity Ward removed night maps from the rotation at launch saying that they would be back at a later date in their own playlist.

Once that playlist goes up, you’ll be able to play them there and we’ll update this guide then.  However, if you’re looking to play night maps, you can still play them in a Custom Match.  There are numerous night maps in Modern Warfare.  There is Gun Runner (Night), Hackney Yard (Night), Rammaza (Night), and Azhir Cave (Night).  All of these maps require that you use night vision goggles if you want to see anything at all.

To check out the night time maps while waiting for them to get their own playlist, head into Custom Games > Game Set-Up > Choose Map > and then choose one of the maps above.  Once Infinity Ward has added these maps back into the game hopefully we’ll see them in both the hardcore, standard, and realism playlists.

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