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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – How to Spray

Not many people are using them, but here's how.

by William Schwartz


In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare the game once again has unlockable sprays that can be used in matches.   While it’s unclear what functional use these sprays have in such a fast paced shooter, they are there to use nonetheless.  Using them is pretty easy and in this guide we’ll explain how to get new sprays, how to equip them, and how to use them in game.

How to Spray in Modern Warfare

First we’ll look at how to use Sprays in Modern Warfare.  Any match that you are in you can use sprays that you have equipped to your wheel.  You can access this spray/emote wheel by pressing up on the d-pad which will bring up a circular menu like the one in the image above.

From there, you simply need to highlight the spray you want to use and then release the d-pad.  You can use a spray on any surface that you aim at, from walls to environment objects, or even the floors.  While you could use these as tags for your teammates, using taking the time to use a spray could also get you killed.

How to Get New Sprays

New sprays can be unlocked by completing multiplayer challenges.  Daily Challenges offer sprays sometimes, so check those often.  Missions also have sprays as rewards for completing objectives.

How to Equip Sprays

Once you’ve unlocked new sprays, you can equip them by heading into the Identity Menu under the Barracks tab.  Go to Sprays & Gestures and select the Sprays option.  There you can see any of the sprays that you’ve unlocked and equip them to slots in the spray & gesture wheel.

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