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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – How to Tactical Sprint

Get there faster with this boosted sprint.

by William Schwartz


Modern Warfare has a new feature for players who want to get where they’re going a little bit faster using the Tactical Sprint. Everyone who has played Call of Duty is probably familiar with the sprint feature by clicking in the thumbstick to run, but the Tactical Sprint allows you to run even faster by holding your weapon up in the air.

Tactical Sprint is pretty easy to do in Modern Warfare, but there are some downsides. The downside is that you do not have unlimited Tactical Sprint and it will run out pretty quickly. The other downside to Tactical Sprint is that you are essentially running with your gun pointed into the air so it takes even longer to aim down sights when coming out of the super sprint.

To use the Tactical Sprint you just need to double-click the run button. If you’ve got that set to the default thumbstick you will simply double-click the thumbstick and you will see your weapon held up instead of infront of you.

How to Tactical Sprint

All Platforms – Double click the sprint button.

The Tactical Sprint can be used in a couple of different cases to great effect and there are some cases you might not want to use it  If you’re trying to cover ground quickly like in the case of playing on one of the larger maps or objective based modes, Tactical Sprint is a great option.  If you’re on a smaller map with a lot of close-quarters combat, the Tactical Sprint isn’t the best idea if just for the fact that it will take a lot longer to pull up your weapon.

Tactical Sprint can be boosted with the Double Time Perk in Perk Slot 1.  This perk is one of the starter perks and will double the duration of Tactical Sprint.

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